Our identity is a wink of an eye to a tree that grows in African tropical forests: Cola nitida

The merger of two NGOs is an enthusiastic human adventure. By such a partnership, it is two stories made of intermingling passion and resources that are being put together in order to build a new symbiosis.

The fruit of the cola tree called cola nut is one of the oldest traded product in Africa for its stimulating virtues. Used as a symbol of sharing, celebration and alliance, this fruit is also the source of the most famous success story of the agro-food industry in the 20st century … cola-based drinks. This name expresses thorough knowledge of cultural and natural richness and issues linked to their development on local and international markets. And our need for energy drinks!

Our logo represents a strong symbolic: hyphen, link, interdependencies and at different levels of reading: between ecosystems, between organizations, between Supply & Demand, between continents, between Agriculture & Environment, between Study & Action. Curves evoke a soft and balanced growth then obviously vegetal and organic. Visually, our logo is a «signed» form where text and image respond to each other at a certain distance and fit in perfectly like continental plates.