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Matthieu Tiberghien

Holder of a Master's degree in Management from the Paris-Dauphine University and a Master in "Social Policies and Planning in developing Countries" from the London School of Economics, he brings his expertise in project building and project management in renewable energy, REDD+, technical engineering, economic and financial due diligence, business development, strategic partnerships, fundraising and human ressources management

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Cédric Rabany

Holder of a Master of Science, "Agricultural Engineer and territories development" from the Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture (ISARA Lyon), he brings his expertise in agro-food/agricultural sectors' analysis and development, strengthening of supplychain actors (producers, private/public actors, agro-food industries...), socio-economic analysis of agricultural chains and his great knowledge of companies in these markets

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Administrative and Financial Director

Virginie Rogez

Agricultural Engineer graduated from the National Institute of Agronomy Paris-Grignon, Virginie brings her expertise in agriculture and forest themes, carbon footprint diagnoses and GHG emissions reduction, and today in administrative and financial management

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Country representative in Burkina-Faso

Souleymane Jules Gaye

Holder of a Master II in "Accounting and Financial Management" from the International School of Engineering (INSOFE), Boston, USA, he brings his expertise in sustainable community development in West Africa, particularly in the fields of identification and enhancement of local individual or collective initiatives

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Country representative in Côte d'Ivoire

Romuald Vaudry

Forester and with a Master II in "Development and Land Planning" from the National Agronomic Institute Paris Grignon and University of Science Montpellier II (France). Currently our representative in Cote d'Ivoire, he brings his expertise in the design and implementation of multi-stakeholder territorial projects (REDD+, IWRM) as well as sustainable forest management and reforestation.

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Country representative in Mozambique

Jean-Baptiste Roelens

Holder of a master Tropical environment and Biodiversity, he worked for 3 years in French Guyana, notably as forest ecology and soil science research officer at CIRAD. From 2008 to 2016 he worked at the WWF in Madagascar, France and Democratic Republic of Congo as Forest and Climate program manager. At WWF, he supported conservation, forest landscape restoration and REDD+ projects, he also conducted campaign and advocacy work on forest policies and energy infrastructure development. He joined Etc Terra - then nitidæ - in May 2016 as MOZBIO project manager around the Gilé national reserve in the Zambézia province in Mozambique.

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Country representative in Madagascar

Tovondriaka Rakotobe

With a degree in science - coupled with a background in administration and environmental economics - he has over twenty-five years of experience in sustainable development in a variety of fields: protected areas management, environmental management (planning, information system, environmental impact assessments), quality management at the National Office for the Environment, natural resource management, carbone finance

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Project manager / Forest & REDD+ / Madagascar

Sébastien Wohlhauser

Graduated in Botany and Tropical Ecology (Universities of Geneva & Neuchâtel) but also in GIS and Database Management (University of Bern) and Forest carbon inventory & Accounting techniques…

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Project Manager / Bioenergy & Waste / France

Loïc Simonnot

Engineer in international agro-development from ISTOM, he has high-level expertise recognized by both the public and the private sector, in the shea sector: producers’ organizations, production, processing, marketing and on reducing environmental impacts of processing

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Project Manager / Forest & REDD + / France

Marie Nourtier

PhD in Forest sciences conducted at INRA Avignon, EMMAH research lab, she brings her expertise in forest ecology, support for REDD+ mechanism and carbon accounting, Environmental and social impact assessment of projects, project management and supervision of technical work

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Project officer / Agriculture & Market / France

Pierre Ricau

Holder of a Master Degree in "Agricultural Development and Economic Policies" from the Institute of Development Studies (IEDES), Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University and AgroParisTech. He brings his expertise in agricultural market analysis (especially cashew, sesame, shea, cocoa, hevea, corn, rice and onion), development of agro-food sectors, training engineering and consultancy on public agricultural/agro-industrial policies

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Project Manager / Agriculture & Market / France

Julien Gonnet

Holder of a Professional Master II in Sustainable Development from the University of Geneva and a Master I in Geography from the University of Jean Moulin, he brings his expertise in project building and project management on agricultural markets, the use of ICT within the agriculture sector, the implementation of certification (organic, fair...) and engineering training

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Project officer / Forest & REDD + / France

Frédérique Montfort

Currently working on her PhD thesis, she has a Master II in "Plant biodiversity and tropical ecosystem management (BioGET)" from the University of Montpellier and AgroPariTech. She brings her expertise in biodiversity and forest landscape degradation/restoration

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Project manager / Bioenergy & Waste / Burkina

Julia Artigas Sancho

Process engineer and holder of a European MsC in Renewable energies, she works on energy-related issues in African industry, since 2016. Process optimization and agri-waste-to-energy systems are her main expertise areas: appropriate technologies, training on operation and maintenance, biofuels…

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ICT Business Developer / Agriculture & Market / Ivory Coast

Serge Kedja

Engineer in Advanced Information Systems (University of Bejaia, Algeria), MSc in Information Technologies (University of Bournemouth, United Kingdom) and Alumni Chevening, he specializes in design, development, management and the capitalization of digital solutions for agriculture in Africa.

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Project Officer / Agriculture & Market / Senegal

Cheikh Ousmane Loum

Holder of a Master II in "Territories planning - Decentralisation and local development" at the Faculty of Geography of the Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar. He is an expert in agricultural market analysis, training and in supporting producer organisations

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Project Officer / Agriculture & Market / Mali

Ousmane N'Diaye

Holder of a Master II in "Economic intelligence and competitive strategies" from the University of Saint Serges in Angers, he brings his expertise in market analysis (Mali), supporting producers' organisations and organic farming development

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Project Officer

Fety Abel Rakotomalala

Currently a PhD student, he holds a DEA of Physics, specialised in "geophysics, remote sensing and GIS" from the Faculty of Sciences of Antananarivo in Madagascar (IOGA). He brings his expertise to the impacts of deforestation, above-ground biomass mapping and scenario development of carbon emissions

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Associate Expert

Soungari Sekongo

Engineer in Tropical Agronomy from the CIED, option "plant production", he brings his expertise in agricultural markets analysis, advising-supporting actors, vegetable production and supporting professional agricultural organizations (management, capacity building)

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Project Officer

Magloire Sacla Aïde

Design & Mechanical Engineer, specialised in "Energy and industrial technician in mechanical production" from the Ecole Polytechnique of Abomey Calavi (EPAC) in Benin, he brings his expertise in renewable energy including biomass energy recovery and industrial process

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Project Manager

Noémie Rullier

Holder of an Engineering diploma in Agronomy, specializing in Sustainable agricultural & Agri-Food systems for the South, from Montpellier SupAgro- Institut des Régions Chaudes (IRC), she brings her expertise to support technical changes and development processes in rural area; to support farm advisory, training engineering and plant biology research

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Project Officer

Anthony Guhur

With a degree in "Environment, Earth, Change, Climate", specialised in "Rural Area & Environment" from the University of Bourgogne (co-accredited with AgroSup Dijon), he brings expertise in bioenergy & environmental projects and in project management

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Project Officer

Benjamin Garnier

Agricultural Engineer, specialised in "quality of the environment and resources management", from the French National School of Agricultural Science and Engineering of Toulouse (INP ENSAT). He brings his expertise in feasibility studies for investment funds, agricultural markets studies and analysis of value chains

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Project Manager

Clovis Grinand

PhD in "Information Systems for the Localized Management of the Territories", from AgroParisTech, Engref and SupAgro, he is expert in remote sensing, pedology, forestry, agronomy, geomophology and modeling on projects related to forestry and agriculture, development of innovative tools, scientific publications, impact measurement studies

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Project Officer

François Griffon

Holder of a Master's degree in "Sustainable Farming and Agri-food Systems in the South", specialised in "Markets, Organization, Quality and Services" from Montpellier SupAgro - Institut des Régions Chaudes (IRC), he brings his expertise in sector and value chain analysis, market studies, quality management and farmers' organisations services and support

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Project officer

Etienne Perrier

Having graduated from the Engineering School INSA of Lyon as an Engineer in Energy & Environment, option "Thermal systems engineering", Section "Top-level sport", he brings his expertise in renewable thermal systems implementation and analysis, in the food processing industry (shea and cashew), waste recycling and training of local experts

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Project officer

Michel Ouali

Graduated with a diploma of Technician Superior (BTS) of agriculture he brings his expertise in the supervision of the peasant world in the promotion of innovative agricultural techniques. Much more comfortable in the field, he is illustrated in the organization, training, monitoring and support-advice of the rural world. He worked at the Matourkou Polyvalent Agricultural Center (Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso) and at the International Center for Research and Development on Subhumid Livestock Farming (CIRDES).

Project officer

Caroline Bassono

She graduated from the agronomy school of Rennes, Agrocampus Ouest, specialized in Plant Science and Productions - Agrosystems Engineering. She brings her expertise in the development of sustainable farming systems, the support of producers in improving their practices, the creation of training materials on production and post-harvest techniques (sesame) and agroecology

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Project officer

Sophie Yaogo

Graduate of a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics from the National University of Taiwan (College of Bio-resources and Agriculture), and a Master of Economics and Management of Enterprises of Social and Solidarity Economy from Ouaga University II , she has skills in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating sustainable development projects, analyzing agricultural value chains and agricultural products valorization

Project officer

Moussa Bingboure

Graduate of a Master in Economics and Management, option Agricultural Economics and Environment at Norbert Zongo University, specialty: Natural Resource Management and Rural / Sustainable Development. He brings expertise in sustainable community development in agriculture, natural resource management, project design and coordination, value chain analysis, and social and environmental impacts.

Project officer

Sansan Hien

Graduate of a Master in Project Management from the Higher Institute of Professional Departments of Bobo-Dioulasso and a Master in Agricultural Economics and Environment-University Norbert Zongo, he brings his expertise in integrated management of agricultural enterprises and agribusiness, monitoring and evaluation system, analysis of agricultural markets and strengthening actors in agricultural value chains

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Agricultural Trainer Adviser

Nanga Ouattara

Holder of a University Diploma of Technology in agro-pastoral management, Nanga first developed the family farm before working as a farm supervisor of vegetable growers associations in Sinfra and joining the REDD + project team of the Mé in January 2017 as Agricultural Trainer Adviser

Project Officer GIS and remote sensing in Côte d'Ivoire

Tiodionwa Ouattara

Holder of a Master of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Systems for the Development and Management of Lands and Ecosystems, Tiodionwa joined the team of Nitidæ Côte d'Ivoire in December 2016. He is currently pursuing a thesis dedicated to monitoring (agro)forest dynamics within the framework of the Mé REDD + Project (PRM).

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Agricultural Trainer Adviser

Paris Toman

Senior Technician in Farm Management, Paris held various positions (Livestock Facilitator with GTZ, Trainer and Food Security with Action Against Hunger, etc.) before joining the team of the REDD + Project of the Mé in January 2017 as an Agricultural Trainer Adviser.

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Agro-Botanist in Côte d'Ivoire

Rolande Ettien

Botanist, Rolande holds a Master 2 in Systematics, Ecology and Biodiversity. She currently holds the position of Agro-Botanist for the Mé REDD+ Project. She mainly brings her expertise on cocoa agroforestry plots, the management of organic cocoa cooperatives and the Organic and Fair Trade certification.

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Chargé de Mission Aménagement du Territoire

Denis Méa

Holder of a Master 2 in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System, Denis joined Nitidæ Côte d'Ivoire in December 2016 to supervise land use planning activities (development of local development plans) and land tenure security for the REDD + Project. of soul. It also ensures the monitoring and evaluation of this project

Administrative and Financial Manager in Côte d'Ivoire

Alimata Konaté

Holder of a Master 2 in Finance, Alimata worked for seven years for the NGO Search for Common Ground before joining Nitidæ in January 2017. She currently holds the position of Administrative and Financial Manager of our representation in Côte d'Ivoire

Project officer / Forest

Sandrine Zeregui

A trained agronomist and forestry specialist, Sandrine joined Nitidæ Côte d'Ivoire in 2018 and currently holds the position of project manager for the REDD + Forests Project of Mé. Sandrine brings her expertise on reforestation activities and sustainable forest management

Head of Agrovalor Project in Côte d'Ivoire

Dorgeles Gomeu

Holder of an engineering degree in management of mining, oil and energy activities, Dorgeles joined the Nitidæ team in 2016 and became Head of the Agrovalor project in January 2018. He brings his expertise in coordination, the implementation and monitoring of the activities of this project.

Project officer / Environment

Michel Digbeu

Holder of a degree in Water and Environment Engineering, Michel worked in various structures in Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast before joining the Agrovalor project team. Its main mission is to support the installation of promoted equipment (pyrolysis furnaces, biodigesters and improved stoves) and the training of beneficiaries

Agronomic coordinator

Eric Touré

Holder of a diploma in Agricultural Engineering, Eric held various positions of responsibility at Cargill and ICRAF before joining Nitidæ Côte d'Ivoire in July 2018. He brings his expertise in the implementation of agricultural projects in the association: REDD + project of Mé, CACAOBIO, etc.

Project officer / Environment

Eléonore Bléoué

Holder of a degree in Water and Environment Engineering, Eléonore joined the Agrovalor project team in May 2018. She assures the collection of data necessary for the realization of techno-economic studies as well as the accompaniment of the beneficiaries as for the use and maintenance of equipment promoted by the project

Agricultural Trainer Adviser

Hartmann Monda

Holder of a BTS Management of Agricultural Holdings, Hartmann joined Nitidæ Côte d'Ivoire in 2018 and mainly brings his expertise on the implementation of the various measures accompanying the REDD+ Project of the Mé

Agricultural Trainer Adviser

Ange Konan

Holder of a BTS in Tropical Agriculture and Plant Production, Ange held various positions of agricultural adviser and technician (Nestlé R & D) before joining Nitidæ Côte d'Ivoire in April 2018. He brings his expertise in the production of organic cocoa and in the frame of the producers of the REDD + Project of the Mé and CERTIBIO

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Project officer / ICT

Joseph M’Bahia

Holder of a License in Computer Science - Software Engineering, Joseph is based in Abidjan where he holds the position of ICT Project officer. He brings his expertise in data collection, in the management of N'KALÔ databases and other communication platforms of the association.

Project officer / Energy

Romaric Aouake

Holder of an engineering degree in management of mining, oil and energy activities, Romaric joined Nitidæ Côte d'Ivoire in January 2018 and currently holds the position of Energy Project Manager for the REDD + Project of Mé. He brings his expertise in the improvement of carbonization techniques and the support of local biomass energy recovery and energy efficiency projects.

Agricultural Markets Analyst

Constance Konan

A graduate in international business, Constance held several positions in agribusiness (UNIVELER, SITA-SA, etc.) before joining Nitidæ where she brings her knowledge of Ivorian value chains and her experience in market analysis, notably on the cereals market. She also coordinates a project linking family farming with retailers

Agricultural Trainer Adviser

Clarisse Kouakou

Holds a Master 2 in Economic Development Administration and a Master's degree in Economic Sciences and Development option Public Economics obtained at Alassane Ouattara University. She is currently working in Côte d'Ivoire on the agricultural component of the REDD + Project of the Mé as an Agricultural Trainer Advisor. It mainly brings its expertise at the level of beneficiary management to the establishment of cropping systems to increase value added per hectare


Vayanga Soumahoro

Based in Bouaké, Vayanga is the driver of the Agrovalor Project


Maurice Yapoga

Based in Adzopé, Maurice holds the position of driver of the REDD + Project of the Mé


Youssoufou Soumahoro

Based in Abidjan, Youssouf holds the position of driver of the REDD + Project of the Mé and of the fleet manager of Nitidæ Ivory Coast

Administrative officer

Alexandre Nicole

Graduated in musicology, history of art and archeology, he is based in Lyon and in charge of administrative issues in Rongead (since 2001) and Nitidæ


David Yonli

Driver with experience as a tour guide, he brings all his experience in the management of logistics, preparation and organization of field missions.

Project officer

Ida Drabo

Graduated as Design Engineer in Agricultural Extension at the University Nazi Boni Bobo Dioulasso-Burkina Faso, she brings her expertise in supporting producers in the adoption of innovative technologies. In particular the support and the accompaniment of the actors of the sector in the marketing of shea on the national and international level

Project assistant manager

Charline de Rouvroy

Holder of a Master degree in agricultural management and territories (IAM Montpellier) and agricultural engineer, Charline joined Nitidæ team in May 2018. She brings her expertise in project management, agriculture in southern countries…

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Garrido da Silva Sulvai

Holder of a Technical University Diploma in Agriculture, Garrido joined the team in October 2017 as agricultural technician of the Mozbio project in Namurrua community, Gilé district.


Cláudio Joaquim Martinho

Holder of a Technical University Diploma in Agriculture, Claudio joined the team in October 2017 as agricultural technician of the Mozbio project in the community of Sacane, Pebane district.


Jordino Viseu Faria

Holder of a Technical University Diploma in Agriculture, Jordino joined the team in October 2017 as agricultural technician of the Mozbio project in the community of Namahipe, Pebane district.


Nárcio Três Ronda

Holder of a Technical University Diploma in Agriculture, Narcio joined the team in October 2017 as an agricultural technician of the Mozbio project in the community of Mucau, district of Gilé


Joao Raul Intata

Joao joined the team in October 2014 as Driver of the REDD + pilot project and then Mozbio in Gilé


Manuel Polana Lopes

Holder of a Technical University Diploma in Agriculture, Manuel joined the team in December 2016 as agricultural technician of the Mozbio project in the community of Mulela, Pebane district.


Aurelio Gerente Porta

Holder of a Technical University Diploma in Agriculture, Aurelio joined the team in December 2016 as agricultural technician of the project Mozbio in the community of Mamala, district of Gilé


Soares Salvador Muanahumo

Holder of a Technical University Diploma in Agriculture, Soares joined the team in January 2017 as agricultural technician of the Mozbio project in the community of Etaga, Pebane district.


Dinis Francisco Augusto

Holder of a Technical University Diploma in Agriculture, Dinis joined the team in January 2017 as agricultural technician of the Mozbio project in the community of Musseia, Pebane district.


Sergio Eusebio Manuel

Holder of a Technical University Diploma in Agriculture, Sergio joined the team in January 2017 as agricultural technician of the Mozbio project in the community of Nicadine, Pebane district.


Bonifacio Armando Sousa

Bonifacio joined the team in January 2017 as a Mozbio Project Driver


Abdul Suhele Jamal

Holder of a Technical University Diploma in Agriculture, Abdul joined the team in January 2017 as agricultural technician of the Mozbio project in the community of Naheche, district of Gilé

Project officer / Bioenergy / Madagascar

Honoré Victor Rakotomalala

A graduate in Renewable Energies at the University of Antananarivo, Honoré specialized in biomass, solar and hydroelectric energy (sizing, production, transportation, distribution). Honoré brings his expertise in the diffusion of biomass energies, in the optimization of wood-energy sectors (households) in rural areas and his experience in editing / project management and telecommunications

Project officer / Forest & REDD+ / Madagascar

Jean-Marie Sibomana

A forestry graduate of the Agricultural and Forestry School of Nyamishaba (Rwanda) and holder of a certificate specialized in logging and wood processing in Madagascar, Jean-Marie brings his expertise for the design of forest plantation installation, the development-monitoring forest management plans and measuring social and environmental impacts

Administration-Finance Manager / Madagascar

Jocelyne Rasolonirina

Holder of a Master's degree in Management, Finance and Accounting option from University of Toliara, Jocelyne has ten years of experience as Administrative and Financial Assistant, acquired mainly from CARE International in the Anosy region. Jocelyne brings her rigor and practical sense to Project TALAKY.

Operations Coordinator / Agriculture and Forests / Madagascar

Tsoa Andrianamenosoa Rakotondrasoa Miaratiana

Engineer in Agricultural Sciences (University of Antananarivo), holder of a Master 2 in Land Planning and Management of Tropical Ecosystems (University of Lomé) and a Master 2 in Agroecology, Biodiversity and Climate Change. Tsoa is in charge of the technical coordination, monitoring and activities implementation of the Talaky Project's in the intervention areas

Project Manager / Agriculture & Market / Benin

Albéric Soglagbe

As an agronomist, he has more than 9 years of experience in specialized services in various fields, including analysis of information systems on agricultural markets, identification of training needs of a group, analysis economic value chains, social science studies and research, and strategic planning.

Agronomic Technical Assistant / Mozambique

Margaux Béringuier

Graduated as an agricultural engineer from the Montpellier Supagro Institute of Hot Regions, specialized in agricultural resource management and rural development in the South, she joined the Mozambique team in January 2019. It brings its field expertise to diagnose the agrarian dynamics of the intervention regions, help define and implement the accompanying measures of our projects in Mozambique

Project animator and monitoring

Hermann Mouintuan Coulibaly

Holder of an engineering degree in Agronomy at Ouaga University 1 Pr Joseph Ki-Zerbo / Polytechnic Center of Dédougou, he brings his experience in functional analysis of farming systems, animation of agricultural organization, technical crop management (cotton, sesame, maize, rice ...) and training of farmers

Institutional and Gender Specialist

Isabela Soares Perrin

Graduate in Agronomic Engineer from the University of São Paulo, Brazil, she brings her expertise in institutional relations and gender, agricultural value chain and commercialization. In particular, the support and follow-up of actors in the cashew nuts value chain (public and private) and the creation and implemenation of gender inclusion strategies.

Administrative and Financial Assistant / Mozambique

Palmira Gravata Vitória

Gratuated in Economics and Education from Pedagogical University in Mozambique, with 7 years of experience as an Administrative Assistant, she support the ACAMOZ project in terms the administrative, finance and Human Resources management and Public Relations.

Project officer / Agriculture & Market / Madagascar

Jessica Fournier

Graduate Engineer Agronomist specialized in tropical production and Development of the Territories of the Higher Institute of Agriculture - ISARA-Lyon, she brings her expertise on the development of agricultural sectors in the south of Madagascar and intervenes on projects of management of the natural resources and territorial development

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Project officer

Charlotte Hemingway

She holds an engineering diploma (specialisation in Agricultural Development) from AgroParisTech Engineering school and studied Human Geography and Management of Protected Areas at the University Pontificia Catolica of Santiago de Chile. She joined Nitidæ in may 2019. She worked on agricultural development issues in dryland areas and on conflicts between agriculture, pastoralism and conservation in Kenya. She uses her systemic approach and provides her field expertise to carry out agrarian diagnoses of some of Nitidæ’s areas of intervention.

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Project officer traceability / Agriculture & Market / Ivory Coast

Seydou Ouedraogo

Senior Technician in Computer Application Developer, with a certificate of Monitoring and Evaluation of projects and programs (ENSEA - Ecole Nationale Supérieur de Statistique et d’Economie Appliquée of Côte d'Ivoire). He worked as an application developer for two years designing, deploying management software and training users. Then, within the company Cajou des Savanes for the last 5 years, he analyzed the production data and contributed to the design, development and deployment of a production traceability system in the cashew nuts processing plant

Administrative and Financial Manager / Madagascar

Léa Rakotoson

Graduate of a Master in Management from Tamatave University, she has 20 years of experience in administrative, accounting and financial management as a specialist in business management (management control, budget monitoring, fiscal and social dashboard). , ...) but also in accounting, financial and organizational auditing

Land Management Supervisor / Forest & REDD + / Madagascar

Lahitsiory Tsohara

Postgraduate degree in Public Business Law at the University of Antananarivo and a Master's degree in Social Work and Local Development at the Higher Institute of Social Work Antananarivo. He provides support to local communities through land management in the implementation of Talaky Project actions in intervention areas

Project Officer / Agriculture & Market / Mali

Nabelou Ouologuem

He has a master's degree in Business Administration, obtained in 2014 from the IEAM-Paris, he is specialized in administrative and financial management and in the analysis of agricultural markets. After a first experience in the world of finance and business management in Senegal and Mali at the ASECNA (Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation in Africa and Madagascar) in the Finance Department, he currently holds the position of agro-business consultant and market analyst for N'kalô in Mali

Territory Planning Supervisor / Forest & REDD + / Madagascar

Tojonirina Nambinina Randriarisoa

Holder of a Master 2 in Rural Land and Land Management, of the Polytechnic School of Antananarivo and a master's degree in Mathematics Computer Science, from the Faculty of Sciences Fianarantsoa, he brings all his expertise on the Land Management activities and also supports local authorities in the implementation of local planning schemes

Financial and administrative manager / Burkina

Alice Lompo

She holds a Master II in Finance and Accounting, Alice worked in several NGOs in Burkina Faso before joining Nitidæ in July 2019. She occupies currently the position of Administrative and Financial Manager of the Representation of the Burkina Faso

Project manager / Agriculture & Market / Burkina

Adeline Dorothée Kondo

Socio-anthropologist and committed to gender issues and women's leadership in Burkina Faso, Adeline has joined the team in Burkina Faso since March 2019 and holds the position of Project manager of Shea sector

Monitoring & Evaluation Manager / Agriculture & Market / Madagascar

Maminiaina Rakotoarivonona

Graduate Agronomy Engineer from ESSA at Antananarivo University, experienced in rural and sustainable development thematics. He brings his skills for activities monitoring and evaluation of the Talaky project in its areas of intervention

Project Officer / Forest & REDD + / Mali

Souleymane Fadiga

Agricultural engineer, graduated from the Polytechnic Rural Institute / Institute of Training and Applied Research IPR/IFRA (Koulikoro, Mali), he worked for twenty years in national and international NGOs and capitalizes skills on: natural resources management, agroforestry, reforestation and reforestation and agro-socio-economic studies. He brings his expertise to the FORECO project as Technical Assistant to AMASSA