With price volatility, small producers lack information in the face of price risk. Notifying them by text message on agricultural prices will ensure them more stable incomes

N’kalô service is based on economic analysis tools that checks international agricultural markets and provides to West African economic operators a trend information more suited to their needs. Those tools have been developed thanks to a historic partnership with one of the worldwide leaders on this subject (ODAconnect) and a network of individuals gathering information on an ongoing basis in more than 10 countries.

N’kalô sends text message each week to several tens of thousands of rural farmers informing them on the market trend and giving them an operational guideline for each products. For example: « Price maintenance and even rise in prices on local markets because of the decrease in supply. Under current conditions, prices on local markets may possibly reach 600 FCFA/kg. Store part of your harvest in expectation of rising prices ».

N’kalô also issues a weekly newsletter by sector transmitted by email during the campaign and uses local stations in order to disseminate such information. But its main original features is to reach tens of thousands of rural farmers by SMS thus breaking the information asymmetry, an issue coming from work by Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz. N’kalô offers its services to all actors of agricultural sectors: producers, merchants, processors and political leaders so as to stimulate a more fluid and efficient market and more effective agro-food chains for African economies.

N’kalô conducts regular surveys on the relevance of informations and recommendations that he sends to actors in the agricultural sectors. An annual earnings evaluation made by N’kalô in 2015-2016 from producers (which is the added-value generated by an optimized price through information) shows an additional income estimated at one or two months of SMIG by subscriber of N’kalô service. An external evaluation associated with J PAL Poverty Action Lab (funded by Esther Duflo) declared: «N’kalô receives the majority of its profits through reflection that it triggers from actors on sales management. It ensures a more reliable income for agricultural actors providing them with reflex in their marketing, limiting tensions and mistrust in sectors».

However, it is the growth of the farmers’ demand that is the most telling measurement of our performance: N’kalô directly reached 73,300 producers in 2015-2016 after 7 years of existence and many more indirectly (through word of mouth or radio advertising) with a growing demand. In Cote d’Ivoire, it is 30,000 subscribers receiving each day our information and that subscribe for 103 FCFA/month.

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