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Midterm Evaluation of the Burkina Faso Sesame Marketing and Export (SESAME) Project

This publication was produced at the request of the USDA. It was prepared independently by the Center for Studies, Research and Training on Economic and Social Development (CERFORDES) and authored by Dr. Yaro Yacouba
Agriculture, Organic Agriculture, Market, REDD+

Guide to agribusiness development in the Madagascar ER-Program Area, including crop feasibility, project design, and implementation

ImpactAgri & Nitidæ
Agriculture, Organic Agriculture, Biodiversity

Census of practices and analysis of the obstacles to the adoption of agroecology in Burkina Faso

Souleymane Jules Gaye
Agriculture, Biodiversity, Climate, Degradation-Restoration, Forest, Modeling, Remote sensing

Miombo woodland regeneration dynamics after slash and burn agriculture in Mozambique

Frédérique Montfort, Marie Nourtier, Clovis Grinand, Corentin Mercier
Biodiversity, Degradation-Restoration, Forest

Poster: Deforestation and Wildlife Management: 'Are elephants attracted by recently deforested areas ?'

Catalina Amaya, Hugo Valls-Fox, Marie Nourtier, Frédérique Montfort, Alessandro Fusari, Telina Randrianary, Emmanuelle Richard, Thomas Prin
Agriculture, Organic Agriculture, Agroprocessing, Spatial Planning, Bioenergy, Biodiversity, Climate, Degradation-Restoration, Forest, IWRM, Market, Modeling, REDD+, Remote sensing, ICT

Annual Report 2018 Nitidæ

Matthieu Tiberghien, Cédric Rabany et toute l'équipe
Agriculture, Organic Agriculture, Market, REDD+

ACAMOZ - Supporting the cashew value chain in Mozambique - Progress Report - June 2019

Jean-Baptiste Roelens, équipe projet
Agriculture, Organic Agriculture, Bioenergy, Biodiversity, Climate, Forest, Market, REDD+

Mozbio - Eighth Progress Report (January/April 2019)

Jean-Baptiste Roelens, équipe projet
Agriculture, Organic Agriculture

Our expertise and know-how for the development of Organic Agriculture in Africa

Julien Gonnet, Cédric Rabany, Noémie Rullier
Agriculture, Market, ICT

Our training and services related to market information

Pierre Ricau, François Griffon, Loïc Simonnot, Julien Gonnet, Cédric Rabany
Agriculture, Biodiversity, Climate, Forest, Remote sensing

Diagnosis of agrarian dynamics on the Eastern slope of Mount Namuli & Analysis of agricultural practices into deforestation dynamics and definition…

Margaux Béringuier, Noémie Rullier, Jean-Baptiste Roelens, Cédric Rabany

The West African Cashew sector in 2018 - General trends and country profiles - Analysis of cashew production, processing and trade in West Africa

Pierre Ricau, Cédric Rabany, Noémie Rullier
Spatial Planning, Degradation-Restoration, Forest, Remote sensing

Land Use and Land Cover Map of Mount Namuli and surroundings

Frédérique Montfort
Agriculture, Spatial Planning, Bioenergy, Forest, REDD+

Intermediate review of the Mé REDD+ Project

Bioenergy, Climate, Forest

Evaluation of the results of the promotion project of improved stoves in the shea sector in Burkina-Faso

Julia Artigas Sancho