Marie Nourtier



PhD in Forest sciences conducted at INRA Avignon, EMMAH research lab, she brings her expertise in forest ecology, support for REDD+ mechanism and carbon accounting, Environmental and social impact assessment of projects, project management and supervision of technical work.

Marie worked 2 years in the ONF International as forests and climate projects coordinator in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She joined the Etc Lab' in May 2015 to work on environmental and socio-economic impact evaluation.

Project Manager / Forest & REDD + / France
Years of experience
16 years
Key qualifications
  • Project management and supervision of technical work

    • Management of projects over several years and implying several experts and technicians
    • Supervision of field teams and of students on research studies
  • Forest ecology

    • Water and carbon balance in forested areas (immediate measures - modelisation)
    • Functional Ecology and Forest Ecophysiology
    • Experimentation management and forest inventory
    • Forest biodiversity analysis
  • Support to REDD+ mechanism

    • Carbon accounting : assessment of carbon stocks, historical deforestation areas
    • Knowledge of the methodologies at project and jurisdictional scales
    • Development of strategies to reduce deforestation
    • Development of MRV system
    • Watching of international REDD+ policies
  • Environmental and social impact assessment of projects

    • Design and monitoring of impact studies on forest cover or biodiversity, soil erosion or carbon stocks, land use land cover changes (LULC), water resource management and social impact of projects
    • Competencies on Geographical Information System (GIS) and remote sensing
    • Greenhouse gas assessment project
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