PHCF2 - Holistic Conservation Programme for Forests in Madagascar (Phase 2)

January 2013
May 2018
Project cost
4 500 000 €
Role in the project




Agriculture Agroecology Spatial Planning Biodiversity Climate Forest Market REDD+


Pink peppercorn Coffee Clove Honey Rice Vanilla

Main goals

Phase 2 aims at extending and enhancing the results achieved during the first phase on two sites :

  • COMATSA : 225 000 ha part of Sava, Diana and Sofia regions, up North next to Sambava.
  • Beampingaratsy : 55 000 ha part of Anosy region and close to Fort-Dauphin (South).

Specific objectives

  • Reinforcement of conservation activities initiated in PHCF 1.
  • Reinforcement of alternative, sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Continue project activities via carbon funding and contribute to national REDD+ strategy.


1350 agricultural households 1100 ha of forests


R1. Both protected areas (NAP) are best handled
R2. Agricultural practices are improved and diversified
R3. Carbon credits generate additional income for people


A1. Sustain the two new protected areas (NAP) and the 54 transfer of their Natural Resources Management (TGRN) by supporting local Communities (COBA) committed to forest management (reforestation / restoration activities) :training on associative management and financial management, implementation of participative ecological monitoring, tracking of timber permits.
A2. Follow-up monitoring and secure land : reforestation of 575 ha during PHCF I. Initiate reforestation on an additional 300 hectares of land by COBAs.
A3. Support the implementation of 320 ha from the ecological restoration plan.
A4. Support COBAs in agricultural land's planning and management via 34 planning and management plans and the establishment of 3 tenure offices that allows land tenure.
A5. Training of 1,350 households for agro-ecological techniques, representing 1/3 of COBAs' households.
A6. Sustainably convert 600 ha of agricultural areas next to deforestation fronts : establishment of dispersed pilote plots, soil fertilization management, agroforestry development, etc.
A7. Eco-intensive rice cultivation in the shallows (SRI-SRA), in order to optimize irrigation structures built during PHCF I.
A8. Recognizing the most relevant cash crops, by site : vanilla, clove, pink pepper, litchi, citrus fruits, sesame, etc.
A9. Continue accounting carbon that started during Phase I via the publication of scientific articles and two additional thesis (on remote sensing and soil carbon).
A10. Drafting and review of two REDD+ project documents for each site, authorizing carbon credit marketing to ensure the sustainability and continuity of field activities.

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Scientific publication
Spatial Planning, Degradation-Restoration, Modeling, Remote sensing

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Beampingaratsy REDD project - Famintinana ireo tombontsoa azo avy amin’ny tetikasa

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Related people

GIS and Remote Sensing Project Manager

Fety Abel Rakotomalala

Currently a PhD student, he holds a DEA of Physics, specialised in "geophysics, remote sensing and GIS" from the Faculty of Sciences of Antananarivo in Madagascar (IOGA). He brings his expertise to the impacts of deforestation, above-ground biomass mapping and scenario development of carbon emissions

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Project Manager / Forest & REDD + / France

Marie Nourtier

PhD in Forest sciences conducted at INRA Avignon, EMMAH research lab, she brings her expertise in forest ecology, support for REDD+ mechanism and carbon accounting, Environmental and social impact assessment of projects, project management and supervision of technical work

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Project Manager

Clovis Grinand

PhD in Functional Ecology and Agronomic Sciences (SupAgro, IRD and CIRAD) and specialized in Localized Information Systems for Spatial Planning (AgroParisTech), he is an expert in land use change monitoring using remote sensing, digital soil mapping and spatial modeling applied to forestry, agronomy and landscape ecology. He is the author of numerous international scientific publications.

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Matthieu Tiberghien

Holder of a Master's degree in Management from the Paris-Dauphine University and a Master in "Social Policies and Planning in developing Countries" from the London School of Economics, he brings his expertise in project building and project management in renewable energy, REDD+, technical engineering, economic and financial due diligence, business development, strategic partnerships, fundraising and human ressources management

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