NAMULI SKY ISLAND - Creation of a new protected area around Mount Namuli

August 2018
December 2022
Project cost
700 000 USD
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Main goals

Mount Namuli, Mozambique's second highest peak, at 2,419 meters, is part of the superb chain of inselbergs in the north of the country. Its slopes covered with a mosaic of forests, meadows and farmland are incredibly diverse but threatened by the expansion of potato cultivation. The main objective of this initiative is to establish an official classification in the community protected area of Mount Namuli. By working with communities living around the mountain and developing with them a long-term natural resource management strategy, the project aims to put an end to deforestation in high altitude forests, to guarantee the resilience of the biodiversity of Mount Namuli and increase the standard of living of the populations.

Specific objectives

SO1. Promote economic and sustainable development of Afro Mountain areas less dependent on deforestation
SO2. Reinforce land security and promote better community management of natural resources
SO3. A landscape management strategy is developed to prioritize site interventions, identify vulnerable sites, preserve ecosystem services and prevent the spread of fires at altitude
SO4. Creation of a new community protected area around Mont Namuli with a conservation agreement to limit deforestation


  • Heart area 5600 ha to be preserved
  • 8 to 12,000 people live in the surrounding communities of Mont Namuli


R1. Existing deforesting productions are identified and support measures are proposed
R2. Family farms have diversified their sources of income while reducing their pressure on deforestation
R3. 10 communities and 4,000 households have their legally recognized land rights
R4. Communities have a functional committee to manage their land and access to natural resources
R5. Priority conservation and restoration sites are defined, a land and resource use plan is put in place and a monitoring system makes it possible to trace and monitor deforestation
R6. A conservation agreement, including a moratorium on deforestation in the highlands, is implemented, which results in the creation of a new community protected area


A1. Typology and socio-economic studies allowing the identification of agricultural support measures to reduce deforestation
A2. Agricultural support to communities and implementation of support measures and agroecological practices
A3. Creation of an integrated beekeeping sector in the highlands
A4. Delimitation, mapping and official land recognition of 10 communities and land of 4,000 households
A5. Creation and capacity building of local associations in charge of land tenure and natural resources; development of the land and resource use plan for each community
A6. Mapping analysis for the identification of conservation / restoration areas and monitoring of forest cover
A7. Forest monitoring and pressure dynamics on ecosystems (fires, biodiversity)
A8. Supporting communities in the conservation and restoration of ecosystems: setting up a network of firewalls, restoration and reforestation areas and support from local nurseries
A9. Negotiation and implementation of a conservation agreement and compensatory measures
A10. Instruction and recognition of the community protected area with the National Agency for Protected Areas

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Agriculture, Agroecology, Spatial Planning, Biodiversity, Climate, Degradation-Restoration, Forest, Market, REDD+

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Related people

Assistant Manager Namuli Sky ISLAND

Margaux Béringuier

An Agricultural Engineer graduate from the Institut des Régions Chaudes de Montpellier Supagro, specializing in the management of agricultural resources and rural development in the South, she joined the Mozambique team in January 2019, bringing her field expertise for the diagnosis of agricultural dynamics, the definition and implementation of support measures with producers in our areas of intervention in Mozambique. She is now Assistant Project Manager for Namuli SKY ISLAND in Gurué (Zambézia, Mozambique)

Country representative in Mozambique

Jean-Baptiste Roelens

Holder of a master Tropical environment and Biodiversity, he worked for 3 years in French Guyana, notably as forest ecology and soil science research officer at CIRAD. From 2008 to 2016 he worked at the WWF in Madagascar, France and Democratic Republic of Congo as Forest and Climate program manager. At WWF, he supported conservation, forest landscape restoration and REDD+ projects, he also conducted campaign and advocacy work on forest policies and energy infrastructure development. He joined Etc Terra - then nitidæ - in May 2016 as MOZBIO project manager around the Gilé national reserve in the Zambézia province in Mozambique.

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Project Manager

Noémie Rullier

Holder of an Engineering diploma in Agronomy, specializing in Sustainable agricultural & Agri-Food systems for the South, from Montpellier SupAgro- Institut des Régions Chaudes (IRC), she brings her expertise to support technical changes and development processes in rural area; to support farm advisory, training engineering and plant biology research

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Agricultural technician / Agriculture & Market / Mozambique

Filimonio Felizardo Jonasse

Technician graduated from the Middle Institute of Agriculture and Livestock in Gurué (Zambezia), Filimonio has solid field experience for the deployment of agricultural support activities (experimental devices in peasant environment and agroecology in particular) and awareness raising on the link between agriculture and natural resources with rural communities. He is currently working on the implementation of a community land demarcation project with the people of Mount Namuli. His knowledge of the region (of which he is a native), the local language and customs are invaluable assets for the project team.

Agricultural technician / Agriculture & Market / Mozambique

Dias Antovano

He is graduated in agronomy (plant health specialty) from the Polytechnic Institute of Agronomy "Angel Galanena" in Cuba since 1988. Before working on the link between agriculture and environmental conservation, he gained experience in the tea sector (production and processing), horticulture and cereals (field trials) in particular in Mozambique and abroad. Today, he is helping to implement a project to delimit community lands on Mount Namuli, for which his knowledge of the local language and the terrain are invaluable assets.

Project officer / Forest & REDD + / France

Frédérique Montfort

Doctor of AgroParisTech in environmental sciences, she brings her expertise on the biodiversity component and on the degradation and restoration of forest landscapes. She joined N’Lab de Nitidæ in 2017 to carry out her thesis with the association, UR Forêts & Sociétés and UMR Tétis on the degradation and restoration of Miombo forest landscapes in Mozambique. She is currently conducting studies and technical support (capacity building, technology transfer) on various projects of the association

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Project Manager / Forest & REDD + / France

Marie Nourtier

PhD in Forest sciences conducted at INRA Avignon, EMMAH research lab, she brings her expertise in forest ecology, support for REDD+ mechanism and carbon accounting, Environmental and social impact assessment of projects, project management and supervision of technical work

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Agricultural technician / Agriculture & Market / Mozambique

Ricardina Maria Osório Vieira

Graduated agricultural technician from the Mozambican Ribaué Institute of Agriculture and Livestock in 2009, she has experience in agroecology on market gardening. She also worked extensively on gender in agriculture, in collaboration with women's and girls' associations. Today she works for the Legado Namuli project, supporting our agricultural research and support activities as well as the sustainable development of local communities

Environmental and Spatial Analyst / Forest & REDD+ / Mozambique

Sá Nogueira Lisboa

Earned a BSc in Forestry and an MSc in Biodiversity Conservation and Management of Tropical Ecosystems at Eduardo Mondlane University, Mozambique. His main research interest is forest dynamic, emphasizing ecological and human processes, trade-offs among ecosystem services and biodiversity. He has over five years of experience working with rural communities, NGOs, national governments, and international agencies. He brings his expertise in landscape-scale spatial modeling using innovative tools to address challenges related to land use change and environmental impacts.

Technician / Agriculture & Market / Mozambique

Fáusia Higino José

Graduated from the Professional Institute of Agronomy and Livestock in Gurué, Zambezia, Mozambique, she has agricultural experience in the use of inorganic inputs, setting up demonstration plots of results, agro-ecology and market gardening. Since October 2020 she has been working as an agricultural technician for the Namuli Sky Island project

Technician / Agriculture & Market / Mozambique

Quinito Jerónimo

He graduated from the Professional Institute of Agronomy and Livestock in Gurué, Zambezia, Mozambique. At the start of his professional career, he worked for the Agronomic Extension Service of Gurué, for the Agrivalor company, for the Inovagro program (Inovação Agronómica), for the UMOJA program and then for the Codosa. He joined the team in October 2020 and has since contributed to the community land delineation project on the Namuli Mountains. He has also been passionate about theater for over 20 years and has even participated in the Mozambique National Culture Festival. The combination of his knowledge, whether in terms of extension, land demarcation or art of expression is a real added value for the Namuli Sky Island project team

Technician / Agriculture & Market / Mozambique

Aurélio Ratibo Brito

Agricultural engineer, he graduated from the Faculty of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences of Zambezia. He has worked in the trade of agricultural products but also on land delineation and natural resource management projects. He thus has experience in community support, conflict management and mediation, awareness-raising and training of natural resource management committees, conservation agriculture and trading with communities. He joined us since January 2021 and his knowledge helps us on the community land delimitation project on the Namuli Mountains

Technician / Agriculture & Market / Mozambique

Jonito Joaquim Talca

Graduated from the Professional Institute of Agronomy and Livestock of Gurué, Zambezia, Mozambique, he has experience in agriculture (plots of results demonstration, agro-ecology, market gardening, and reforestation of degraded areas) and in beekeeping. Since September 2020 he has been working as an agricultural and beekeeping technician for the Namuli Sky Island project

Administrative and Financial Assistant / Mozambique

Palmira Marinho Gravata Vitória

Gratuated in Economics and Education from Pedagogical University in Mozambique, with 7 years of experience as an Administrative Assistant, she support the ACAMOZ project in terms the administrative, finance and Human Resources management and Public Relations.

Agronomy Project Manager / Agriculture & Market / France

Valéry Bourotte

Graduate Engineer Agronomist, Sustainable Agrifood and Agronomic Systems in the South (SAADS) of the Institut des Régions Chaudes (IRC) Montpellier SupAgro, he brings his expertise to the teams' methodological support on the diagnosis realization at the territory and plot scalesto co-construct projects with producers