ERPD MOZ - Support to the Government of Mozambique for the drafting of the Emission Reduction Program Zambezia REDD + Jurisdictional Program (ZILMP)

November 2016
January 2018
Project cost
280 000 USD
Role in the project




Agriculture Bioenergy Climate REDD+


Ministère de la Terre, de l’Environnement et du Développement Rural (MITADER) (Mozambique) · The World Bank

Main goals

The Government of Mozambique has launched its first REDD + jurisdictional program in northern Zambezia: the ZILMP program. It plans to reduce deforestation by nearly 30% in 9 districts on more than 4 million hectares. The Government wishes to be able to value these efforts to reduce deforestation through the sale of carbon credit to the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (FCPF) managed by the World Bank. The acceptance of this program by the FCPF must open to a purchase of $ 50 million of carbon credits generated.

Specific objectives

Accompany the Mozambique government through the entire process of writing and submitting the ERPD (Emission Reduction Program Document) of its REDD + ZILMP program to access the FCPF.


The Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development (MITADER), and in particular the National Fund for Sustainable Development (FNDS)


R1. FCPF Acceptance of an ERPD for the ZILMP Program R2. Submission of a benefit sharing plan for the ZILMP program


A1. Conduct a legal study on how to transfer carbon offsets in Mozambique
A2. Conduct a land tenure survey in the ZILMP program area
A3. Construct the carbon baseline in the program area
A4. Provide a technical assistant within Zambezie's sustainable development platform to coordinate activities to combat deforestation
A5. Write the ERPD, participate in the assessment missions of the document and support the presentation of the document on the board of the FCPF

Related people

Project Manager / Forest & REDD + / France

Marie Nourtier

PhD in Forest sciences conducted at INRA Avignon, EMMAH research lab, she brings her expertise in forest ecology, support for REDD+ mechanism and carbon accounting, Environmental and social impact assessment of projects, project management and supervision of technical work

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