WAKANDA Landscape (West African Knowledge for Agriculture, Nature and Development Activities) - Participatory management of sustainable development on the outskirts of protected areas in the PONASI landscape

September 2020
September 2025
Project cost
5 440 000 €
Role in the project


Burkina Faso


Agriculture Agroecology Agroforestry Climate Forest Market REDD+


Timber Wood energy Shea Honey NTFPs


Fondation des amis de la Nature - NATURAMA · CERDE - Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches sur le Droit de l’Environnement · EU - European Union · FFEM - French Global Environment Fund

Main goals

Rural development improves the living conditions of populations and strengthens the resilience of the territory

Specific objectives

The village organization and the development of social and income-generating activities in the PONASI landscape allow better cohesion, preservation of the environment and increased resilience to climate change


  • Group of agro-pastoralists and artisans constituting the main promoters of the local economy. These are: 400 women in the production and marketing of horticultural products, 1,000 women in the collection, processing and marketing of NTFPs, 1,200 farmers and agro-pastoralists targeted for cultivation practices and management of resilient breeding, 500 forest technicians (CAF, ZOVIC / shea park)
  • Group of grassroots community organizations. These are 20 borehole management committees, 20 natural resource management committees, 20 Women's Promotion Groups (MUSO / Tontines), 20 Popular Leisure Center managers, 6 Shea nut processing center managers, 10 Community Health Support Volunteers (VASC), 20 Village Development Committees (CVD)
  • Intercommunal Association (44 elected officials including 4 Mayors)


R1. The sustainable rural economy is developed
R2. Participatory local governance is boosted
R3. Effective project management, communication and relations with the authorities are ensured


A1. Establishment of productive water sources and adequate watering devices
A2. Mapping and choice of species
A3. Establishment of tree nurseries
A4. Establishment of Agroforestry perimeters
A5. Identification and protection of horticultural perimeters
A6. Identification of horticultural women producers and supervision of intensive vegetable production
A7. Marketing support
A8. Development of Non-Wood Forest Products - NTFPs
A9. Development of poultry activities
A10. Development of beekeeping activities
A11. Support for rainfed crops adapted to the agro-ecological transition of the landscape
A12. Installation of a solar power plant
A13. Awareness of the participatory and democratic aspect of grassroots community organizations
A14. Revitalization of village development committees
A15. Revitalization / creation of village natural resource management committees
A16. Dynamization of solidarity mutuals
A17. Promotion of cultural and social activities
A18. The establishment of a steering committee
A19. Development of a communication plan
A20. Sensitization of the authorities with a view to harmonizing the types of management of protected areas in the landscape
A21. Development of a geoportal
A22. Soil, biomass inventory and carbon assessment

Enable local populations to earn a living while protecting the environment. This is the objective of the Wakanda project supported by the European Union in Burkina Faso

Related people

Project Manager / Forest & REDD + / France

Marie Nourtier

PhD in Forest sciences conducted at INRA Avignon, EMMAH research lab, she brings her expertise in forest ecology, support for REDD+ mechanism and carbon accounting, Environmental and social impact assessment of projects, project management and supervision of technical work

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Project Manager / France

Noémie Rullier

Holder of an Engineering diploma in Agronomy, specializing in Sustainable agricultural & Agri-Food systems for the South, from Montpellier SupAgro- Institut des Régions Chaudes (IRC), she brings her expertise to support technical changes and development processes in rural area; to support farm advisory, training engineering and plant biology research

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Project Manager / France

Clovis Grinand

PhD in Functional Ecology and Agronomic Sciences (SupAgro, IRD and CIRAD) and specialized in Localized Information Systems for Spatial Planning (AgroParisTech), he is an expert in land use change monitoring using remote sensing, digital soil mapping and spatial modeling applied to forestry, agronomy and landscape ecology. He is the author of numerous international scientific publications.

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Task officer / Agriculture & Market / Burkina-Faso

Moussa Bingboure

Graduated with a Master 2 in Project Management at Senghor University of Alexandria, and Master 1 in Agricultural and Environmental Economics at Norbert Zongo University, he brings his expertise in the development of agricultural value chains and agro-food, strengthening the technical and organizational capacities of stakeholders in the sectors and also in the analysis of agricultural markets. He also has good experience in the development and coordination of agricultural development and natural resource preservation projects

Country representative in Burkina Faso

Sophie Yaogo

Graduated with a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics from National Taiwan University (College of Bio-resources and Agriculture) and a Master's degree in Economics and Management of Social and Solidarity Economy Businesses from Thomas Sankara University, she has skills in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of sustainable development projects, the analysis of agricultural value chains and the valorization of agricultural products. She joined Nitidæ in 2017 as Agricultural Trainer Advisor for the SESAME (Sesame Marketing and Export) project, then in charge of field coordination of WAKANDA (West African Knowledge for Agriculture, Nature and Development Activities)

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Agricultural Trainer Advisor / Agriculture & Market / Burkina-Faso

Sandrine Tougri

Agronomist engineer graduated from the Rural Development Institute (IDR) of the Nazi Boni University in Burkina-Faso. She worked at the Institute for the Environment and Agricultural Research (INERA) in Kamboinsé (Ouagadougou) and at Save the Children International. She brings her expertise in supporting producers in the rural world as well as popularizing good agricultural practices within the Wakanda project.

Project Officer / Energy / Burkina-Faso

Magloire Sacla Aïde

Design & Mechanical Engineer, specialised in "Energy and industrial technician in mechanical production" from the Ecole Polytechnique of Abomey Calavi (EPAC) in Benin, he brings his expertise in renewable energy including biomass energy recovery and industrial process

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Project manager / Bioenergy & Waste / Burkina-Faso

Hervé Abbo

Holder of a diploma in Energy Engineering and a master's degree in International Relations, he worked on improved stoves on behalf of organizations such as the Ministry of Energy and GIZ in Benin. Before joining the team, he worked as a Green Energy Project Manager (Recovery of biodegradable household waste into biofuels) for a Benin-French NGO

Agricultural Advisor Trainer / Agriculture & Market/ Burkina-Faso

Pawendtaoré Amos Sawadogo

Graduated of the Higher Technician's Certificate in Agriculture from the Polyvalent Agricultural Center of Matourkou in Burkina-Faso, he has experience in the development of agro-forestry development plans and the organization of rural producers into cooperative societies according to OHADA standards. Within the Tiipaalga Association, he ensured the sustainable management of land and forests for the benefit of producers in the Boucle du Mouhoun and Plateau-Central regions, then he provided agricultural technical support in the Center-East region

Agricultural Advisor Trainer / Agriculture & Market / Burkina-Faso

Rémi Abdoul Razak Ouedraogo

He holds a Professional License in Agriculture and Technological Innovations from the Pan-African Institute for West Africa and Sahel Development. He worked on adapting the culture and supporting the production of tigernuts in the Sahelian zone (commune of Oula) in Burkina. He has skills in sustainable agriculture, participatory research and gender and environment. He brings his expertise in agroforestry and the management of horticultural sites for the benefit of the WAKANDA project

Agricultural Advisor Trainer / Agriculture & Market / Burkina-Faso

Siaka Sanou

Holder of a water and forest engineering diploma from the Rural Development Institute (IDR) of the Nazie Boni University in Burkina Faso, he brings his expertise in supporting producers in the rural world for good agroforestry practices within the project Wakanda

Accountant / Burkina-Faso

Zalissa Dialla Kabore

Holder of a Masters in Economics and Management, option Economics and Management of Companies and Organizations. She worked in several structures before joining the team, she currently holds the position of accountant for the WAKANDA project in Burkina-Faso.

Agricultural Trainer Advisor / Agriculture & Market / Burkina-Faso

Alexandre Kabore

Rural development engineer, agronomy option at the Institute of Rural Development (IDR) of the Nazi Boni University (UNB) in Burkina Faso. He worked in the field of production and marketing of various horticultural crops in Burkina Faso. He brings his expertise in the supervision and monitoring of horticultural activities within the WAKANDA project

Project manager / Agriculture & Market / Burkina-Faso

Adeline Dorothée Kando

Socio-anthropologist and committed to gender issues and women's leadership in Burkina Faso, Adeline has joined the team in Burkina Faso since March 2019 and holds the position of Project manager of Shea sector

Project Manager / Agriculture & Market / Burkina-Faso

Raïssa Nonguebzanga Sawadogo

Graduated from the Agronomic and Vetenarian Institute Hassan II in Marocco as Agronomist Engineer: specialization in the economical and social engineering. She brings her expertise as part of the WAKANDA project for the market gardening development and to promote agroforestry by training, supporting and advising others

Project Manager / Forest & REDD+ / Côte d'Ivoire

Virginie Vergnes

She holds a Master's degree in Science and Anthropology (Primatology) from the University of Montreal and has a background in environmental sciences. She has been working for several years in Africa (Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia and Cameroon) on the themes of ecological monitoring, surveillance and forest governance, FLEGT, institutional, civil society and community capacity building, as well as on compensation measures in the context of mining extractions. She brings its expertise in particular to the support of sustainable and private forestry, forest governance and support to the management of protected areas

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Land-At-Scale Project Coordinator / Agriculture & Market / Burkina-Faso

Koffi Mickael Yameogo

Educate as a geographer, he has been involved in community development for fifteen years. He first worked on environment, water and sanitation issues before embracing a broader field on governance, advocacy and influence of public policies in link with development. He was project coordinator at SPONG, an umbrella organization in Burkina-Faso which brings together more than 250 NGOs

Project Manager - Agrarian Systems - Territories - Agro-ecology / Agriculture & Market / Senegal

Pierre Sutter

Graduate Engineer in Agriculture, Specialized in Agroecology of the Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture (ISA), he brings his expertise to the methodological support of the teams on the realization of diagnosis at the scale of the territory and the plot to develop the rules for managing natural resources and co-constructing innovative agricultural practices with producers. Based in Dakar serving West & Central Africa.

Logistics and Purchasing Manager / France

Bertrand Descours

Graduated with a Master 1 in International Projects Coordinator (ESCD 3A LYON), he started as a humanitarian logistician from 2016, first in the NGO ACTED as well as at the French Red Cross and at Solidarités International. He then specialized in emergency epidemic or conflict missions through his missions abroad. He moved to the Lyon region and joined the team in September 2023

Communication manager / Burkina-Faso

Wanhir Roland Some

He holds a bachelor's degree in information and communication sciences from the University of Ouagadougou, and is currently doing a master's degree in Gender, Population and Development at the Pan-African Institute for Development. He worked as a journalist at Agribusiness TV, then as Publication Director at Faso TV, a Burkinabè web TV. He also worked as communications and multimedia manager for the Yam-Pukri association and joined the team in 2023. He brought his skills to the WAKANDA project, the BE-IN project and is currently working on the plan and strategy of communication of the TERROIR project

Carbon task officer / Forest & REDD+ / France

Lucas Veysman

Agricultural engineer with training in “Agricultural Development” at AgroParisTech. After working on the development of public policies for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at the Banque de France, he joined the team with his expertise in the decarbonization of agricultural sectors. He is specialized in evaluating the quantities of greenhouse gases emitted, avoided and sequestered during Nitidæ projects. His other mission is to calculate greenhouse gas emissions generated by supplies of tropical products, particularly for sectors sensitive to changes in land use