Soungari Sekongo



Engineer in Tropical Agronomy from the CIED, option "plant production", he brings his expertise in agricultural markets analysis, advising-supporting actors, vegetable production and supporting professional agricultural organizations (management, capacity building).

He is our Market Analyst in Cote d'Ivoire for our N'Kalo Service and has 20 years' experience in conducting studies and in supporting-advicing actors involved in West Africa agricultural sectors, in particular cashew, sesame, shea, rice ...

Associate Expert / Côte d'Ivoire
Côte d’Ivoire
Years of experience
27 years
Key qualifications
  • Agricultural sectors

    • Analysis of agricultural markets : Collection of information, analysis, development and dissemination of decision-making tools on agricultural markets, advises
    • Vegetable production: Advice on good practices in the production of tropical crops, organization and management of agricultural holdings
    • Agricultural studies: shea, sesame, rice and fonio
  • Agricultural Professionals Organizations

    • Support for the professional agricultural organizations: Implementation and management of these organizations, training in cooperative life (North Rice Project).
  • Education / Capacity building

    • University education
    • Training and animation in rural areas
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