COMOKA - Study on shea valorization activities in the Comoé area in northeast Ivory Coast

January 2016
March 2016
Project cost
8 000 €
Role in the project
Shea expertise


Côte d’Ivoire


Agroprocessing Market




Main goals

Conduct a study on behalf of GIZ as part of the PROFIAB Nord project around the Comoé National Park in Ivory Coast: "Baseline study on shea resource and shea sector in the peripheral areas of the Comoé National Park in Ivory Coast"

Specific objectives

  • Analyze production / processing in the PROFIAB intervention zone
  • Identify the levers of improvement in order to propose recommendations for PROFIAB II projects


Shea producers from northern Ivory Coast participating in the PROFIAB project


R1. Have a baseline for shea butter valorization activities in the Comoé area (to be compared to the PROFIAB II indicators)
R2. Provide estimates of she valorization activities volumes in Comoé area (harvesting, almonds sold, products processed, marketed and consumed) making it possible to determine the importance and the potential of the sector in the different areas of intervention of PROFIAB
R3. Identify capacity building needs of actors; these practices are not limited to organizational and economic implications but take into account the environmental impacts of activities
R4. Choose the most promising approaches for promotional activities based on in-depth economic analyzes (conventional almonds, organic almonds, butter, etc.) and profits generated by pickers and processors.

Related people

Project Manager / Bioenergy & Waste / France

Loïc Simonnot

Engineer in international agro-development from ISTOM, he has high-level expertise recognized by both the public and the private sector, in the shea sector: producers’ organizations, production, processing, marketing and on reducing environmental impacts of processing

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Associate Expert

Soungari Sekongo

Engineer in Tropical Agronomy from the CIED, option "plant production", he brings his expertise in agricultural markets analysis, advising-supporting actors, vegetable production and supporting professional agricultural organizations (management, capacity building)

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