IMPACTGUM - Assessment of the impacts of the Acacia project of SOS Sahel

October 2014
November 2014
Project cost
6 500 €
Role in the project
Project evaluation




Agriculture Market


Gum arabic NTFPs


Main goals

The Acacia program is a program led by Sos Sahel and financed by Firmenich, Danone, Nexira, in particular, aimed at improving the producers' incomes, the conservation of the gommeraies, the improvement of the organization of the sector and the social promotion of populations. In Chad the program takes place in Chari Baguirmi, near the city of Dourbali, in the terroirs of Karnak and Awiya (28 villages).

Specific objectives

RONGEAD has been recruited as an expert on the NTFP sectors in Africa and on his very good knowledge of the project implementation regions in order to carry out a study to determine the impacts of the ACACIA project led by SOS SAHEL.


Stakeholders from the gum arabic sector in Chad


The purpose of this study is to have data on the effects / impacts produced by the project after 5 years of implementation compared to the initial living conditions of the target groups. This is an analysis of the impact (social, economic) based on the results presented in the project report and on the basis of the results of the mid-term evaluation carried out in June 2012 by a external office study (KINOME).


A1. Check that the pilot program has worked and that it can be duplicated to scale
A2. Propose a concrete and precise plan of action to guide and guide the continuation of the program on Senegal Acacia and Acacia seyal
A3. Analyze the sustainability of impacts, strategies and actions regarding disengagement
A4. Analyze the tools for efficient financing of the sector for its empowerment

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Cédric Rabany

Holder of a Master of Science, "Agricultural Engineer and territories development" from the Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture (ISARA Lyon), he brings his expertise in agro-food/agricultural sectors' analysis and development, strengthening of supplychain actors (producers, private/public actors, agro-food industries...), socio-economic analysis of agricultural chains and his great knowledge of companies in these markets

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