JAFOWA - Support for the improvement and diversification of RPBHC productions

January 2017
December 2018
Project cost
19 800 €
Role in the project
Expertise in the shea and sesame sectors


Burkina Faso


Agriculture Organic Agriculture Agroprocessing Market


Shea Honey Sesame


RPBHC - Réseau des Productrices de Beurre de karité des Hauts Bassins et Cascades · CRA/HB - Chambre Régionale d'Agriculture des Hauts Bassins

Main goals

Improve the production capacity of quality shea kernels and the diversification of production: contribute to sustainably increase the income and autonomy of women members of the RPBHC through sustainable practices, diversified activities, marketing for added value and a strengthened RPBHC

Specific objectives

  • Increased production capacity of organic shea kernels
  • Diversification of activities towards high value-added products generating rural jobs and complementary to shea activities: organic sesame and FairForLife FFL and beekeeping
  • Consolidation of RPBHC's internal structure and improvement of network integration in the sector through increased capacity for representation, consultation and advocacy
  • Increase the trading and trading capacity of the network and members through certification, information and advice on agricultural markets


Shea stakeholders in targeted regions: shea producers, sesame producers and beekeepers (including 550 members of shea groups, women & young people)


R1. Production capacities of organic kernels, fair trade and improved environmental protection.
R2. Techniques for the production of sesame in AB and apiculture popularized and practiced; diversified activities and jobs created.
R3. Groupings of members better organized and integrated into the network.
R4. Increased marketability of network and membership trading.


A1. Activities and processes for access to organic and fair certifications
A2. Agro-ecological techniques and management of shea parks
A3. Market information and linking
A4. Sesame technical itineraries
A5. Project monitoring support

Related people

Country representative in Burkina-Faso

Souleymane Jules Gaye

Holder of a Master II in "Accounting and Financial Management" from the International School of Engineering (INSOFE), Boston, USA, he brings his expertise in sustainable community development in West Africa, particularly in the fields of identification and enhancement of local individual or collective initiatives

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Project Manager / Bioenergy & Waste / France

Loïc Simonnot

Engineer in international agro-development from ISTOM, he has high-level expertise recognized by both the public and the private sector, in the shea sector: producers’ organizations, production, processing, marketing and on reducing environmental impacts of processing

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