SEED - Sustainable Energy for Economic Development - Promote biogas around Lake Victoria

January 2013
December 2015
Project cost
290 000 €
Role in the project




Bioenergy Climate


Organic waste

Main goals

Promote income-generating activities through environmentally friendly energy production around Lake Victoria

Specific objectives

  • Promote the commercial distribution of biogas technology, CBS (Compact Biogas System), around Lake Victoria (Tanzania)
  • To improve the access to renewable energy to be used in post-harvesting activities linked to the value chains targeted
  • To support the local private sector in the supply chain of decentralized and affordable solutions of biogas production


  • Communities of fishermen and farmers around Lake Victoria
  • 100 households direct beneficiaries


R1. Organic waste from agriculture, fishing and water hyacinths are well managed in revaluation biogas systems
R2. Diversification of income-generating activities reduces pressures on fish stocks and cultivated areas
R3. Dissemination of biogas technology reduces deforestation in targeted areas


A1. Awareness and promotion of this still relatively unknown new technology
A2. Facilitation of access to credit and loans for potential clients
A3. Stimulation of the market of co-products of methanisation: fertilizer

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Cédric Rabany

Holder of a Master of Science, "Agricultural Engineer and territories development" from the Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture (ISARA Lyon), he brings his expertise in agro-food/agricultural sectors' analysis and development, strengthening of supplychain actors (producers, private/public actors, agro-food industries...), socio-economic analysis of agricultural chains and his great knowledge of companies in these markets

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