ANAHAUT - The cashew nut sector: an opportunity for economic, social and environmental development in the Hauts Bassins region

September 2007
December 2007
Project cost
28 000 €
Role in the project
Value chain expert


Burkina Faso


Agriculture Agroprocessing Market



Main goals

Organize a training workshop - sensitization on the cashew nut sector in the Hauts Bassins Region with the main aim of strengthening the institutional anchoring of the project and ensuring the legitimacy of the local actors


Stakeholders of the cashew nut industry in the Hauts Bassins (producers, GIE of processors, women's associations, technical supervisors of the State services ...) in order to strengthen the organization of the regional value chain


R1. Training, technical advice and design of training modules, teaching tools and equipment prototypes
R2. Dehulling pilot unit: production of demonstrations (equipment and processes) and proposal of technical choices to potential regional investors without directly intervening in dehulling activities, which must remain the responsibility of regional actors in the sector


A1. First survey before a Cashew Training Workshop : Identification of Beneficiary Groups
A2. Organization of a workshop on the promotion of cashew nuts in the region (21-22 December) with training provided by RONGEAD (technical expertise on the cashew nut sector, production of teaching tools, methods of proven training) and INADES FORMATION Burkina Faso
A3. The training workshops are conducted under the High Patronage of the Governor of the Hauts-Bassins, and the President of the Regional Council (the local authorities invited to open each training workshop)
A4. Interview with local authorities to take initiatives to contribute to the improvement of the framework of the policy of support to the sector (regulatory framework, transport, storage, quality control, political infrastructures training etc.)

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Cédric Rabany

Holder of a Master of Science, "Agricultural Engineer and territories development" from the Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture (ISARA Lyon), he brings his expertise in agro-food/agricultural sectors' analysis and development, strengthening of supplychain actors (producers, private/public actors, agro-food industries...), socio-economic analysis of agricultural chains and his great knowledge of companies in these markets

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