BE-IN - Organic, fair and inclusive to strengthen the resilience of organic cotton producers on the outskirts of the PONASI complex

October 2022
October 2023
Project cost
110 000 €


Burkina Faso


Agriculture Organic Agriculture Market


Cotton Sesame Soya


GIZ · UNPCB - National Union of Cotton Producers of Burkina

Main goals

Promote an organic rotation crop model with a fair marketing system to strengthen the resilience of organic cotton producers on the outskirts of the PONASI complex and improve their income

Specific objectives

SO1. Deploy a sustainable agricultural production model based on rotation around cotton, certified organic, favorable to the improvement of biodiversity and integrating a long-term support system for organic cotton producers
SO2. Put in place a fair and equitable marketing mechanism guaranteeing sustained income to organic cotton producers
SO3. Support the households of organic cotton producers for better resilience to food crises and climate change


696 producers in 15 villages.

  • On soybeans, 7 villages (115 producers) and 115 wives of these producers will benefit from support for the establishment and management of tontines.
  • On sesame, the project will support 8 villages (206 producers) and 206 wives of these producers who will benefit from support for the establishment and management of tontines.
  • On processing, 3 villages are targeted bringing together 54 women.


R1. GAP adoption and improved soil health related to organic and agroecological production
R2. Marketing contracts signed and honored on rotational crops in organic farming
R3. Development of small processing units at the level of the terroirs
R4. Establishment and animation of tontines for social cohesion, solidarity and mobilization of savings


A1. Support for the production of rotational crops respecting the organic standard
A2. Support for marketing, identification of outlets, consumer study, connection, support for contractualization, market monitoring
A3. Support for small-scale soybean and munbean processing and establishment of tontines

Related people

Task officer / Agriculture & Market / Burkina-Faso

Moussa Bingboure

Graduated with a Master 2 in Project Management at Senghor University of Alexandria, and Master 1 in Agricultural and Environmental Economics at Norbert Zongo University, he brings his expertise in the development of agricultural value chains and agro-food, strengthening the technical and organizational capacities of stakeholders in the sectors and also in the analysis of agricultural markets. He also has good experience in the development and coordination of agricultural development and natural resource preservation projects

Project officer / Agriculture & Market / Burkina-Faso

Caroline Bassono

She graduated from the agronomy school of Rennes, Agrocampus Ouest, specialized in Plant Science and Productions - Agrosystems Engineering. She brings her expertise in the development of sustainable farming systems, the support of producers in improving their practices, the creation of training materials on production and post-harvest techniques (sesame) and agroecology

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Project Manager - Agrarian Systems - Territories - Agro-ecology / Agriculture & Market / Senegal

Pierre Sutter

Graduate Engineer in Agriculture, Specialized in Agroecology of the Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture (ISA), he brings his expertise to the methodological support of the teams on the realization of diagnosis at the scale of the territory and the plot to develop the rules for managing natural resources and co-constructing innovative agricultural practices with producers. Based in Dakar serving West & Central Africa.

Communication manager / Burkina-Faso

Wanhir Roland Some

He holds a bachelor's degree in information and communication sciences from the University of Ouagadougou, and is currently doing a master's degree in Gender, Population and Development at the Pan-African Institute for Development. He worked as a journalist at Agribusiness TV, then as Publication Director at Faso TV, a Burkinabè web TV. He also worked as communications and multimedia manager for the Yam-Pukri association and joined the team in 2023. He brought his skills to the WAKANDA project, the BE-IN project and is currently working on the plan and strategy of communication of the TERROIR project