DEFOREFF - Assessment of deforestation by country based on the criteria of the French Forest Footprint Framework

January 2023
September 2023
Project cost
15 000 €
Role in the project
Deforestation expertise


Argentina Brazil China Côte d’Ivoire Cameroon Colombia Finland Ghana Indonesia India Malaysia Nigeria Papua New Guinea Sweden Thailand


Forest Modeling


Beef Timber Wood energy Cocoa Coffee Hevea Palm oil Soya


Main goals

Envol Vert is an association for the fight against deforestation and rural development that works in Latin America and France, it creates strong links with local populations to promote their conservation initiatives, participate in sustainable rural development and develop economic alternatives to deforestation.

As part of Envol Vert's participation in the Scientific and Technical Committee for Forests (CST), set up following the launch of the National Strategy for the Fight against Imported Deforestation (SNDI), Envol Vert carried out the reflections around the Référentiel Empreinte Forêt France. This reference system aims to jointly define the main technical criteria necessary to best assess France's participation in deforestation.

Specific objectives

Therefore, the main objective of the mission is to operationalize the measurement of deforestation by taking into account the main criteria chosen by these working groups.

OS1. Measurement of deforestation and forest degradation in 15 countries taken from France's import profile
OS2. Assessment of the responsibility of each value chain at risk of deforestation with regard to the increase in production area compared to the increase in Useful Agricultural Area

Related people

Project Manager / France

Clovis Grinand

PhD in Functional Ecology and Agronomic Sciences (SupAgro, IRD and CIRAD) and specialized in Localized Information Systems for Spatial Planning (AgroParisTech), he is an expert in land use change monitoring using remote sensing, digital soil mapping and spatial modeling applied to forestry, agronomy and landscape ecology. He is the author of numerous international scientific publications.

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Project officer / Agriculture & Market / France

Pierre Ricau

Holder of a Master Degree in "Agricultural Development and Economic Policies" from the Institute of Development Studies (IEDES), Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University and AgroParisTech. He brings his expertise in agricultural market analysis (especially cashew, sesame, shea, cocoa, hevea, corn, rice and onion), development of agro-food sectors, training engineering and consultancy on public agricultural/agro-industrial policies

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Value chain project manager / Agriculture & Market / France

Léo Godard

Agronomist with a degree from the French National School of Agricultural Science and Engineering of Toulouse (INP ENSAT), he works on the analysis of agroindustrial projects and provide consultancy for promoters and investors of agro value chains. He also provides technical assistance and consultancy for small to large scale agricultural to switch to organic or regenerative practices

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