JATRO - Waste characterization study of the Jatropha JMI factory in Kita and comparison of technical potential for energy recovery

February 2017
May 2017
Project cost
4 700 €
Role in the project
Expertise in energy recovery of waste




Agriculture Agroprocessing Bioenergy


Jatropha Soya


JMI-SA - Jatropha Mali Initiative

Main goals

Consider the use, with possible adaptations, of an energy recovery system based on the achievements of recent projects led by RONGEAD, in terms of pyrolysis, combustion and gasification

Specific objectives

  • Characterize the waste and their energy potential
  • Conducting a series of experiments to evaluate the effectiveness of the device, to measure, if any, the changes to be expected compared to the basic model


The processing plant


R1. Report of experiments and analyzes of the results on the characterization of the energetic potentials of the waste and the results of the comparative tests of the tests carried out in combustion or pyrolysis / gasification
R2. A technical and financial proposal for a custom installation by RONGEAD and its partners including a training option for local professionals for the maintenance of the installation


A1. Characterization of fuels thanks to the bibliographical study, the study of the experiments carried out as well as tests of characterization of the materials starting from capsules and cakes of jatropha sent to Burkina Faso
A2. Comparative experiments on the energy recovery of waste using comparative thermal evaluation tests that vary the mix with other biomasses.
A3. At the end of this experimental cycle, a selection will be made on energy recovery devices that best meet the needs emitted
A4. Conception of a technical and financial offer for an installation in situ of valorization of the waste of the factory supplying a boiler usable for the process of the unit

Related people

Project manager / Bioenergy & Waste / France

Etienne Perrier

Having graduated from the Engineering School INSA of Lyon as an Engineer in Energy & Environment, option "Thermal systems engineering", Section "Top-level sport", he brings his expertise in renewable thermal systems implementation and analysis, in the food processing industry (shea and cashew), waste recycling and training of local experts

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Project Officer / Energy / Burkina-Faso

Magloire Sacla Aïde

Design & Mechanical Engineer, specialised in "Energy and industrial technician in mechanical production" from the Ecole Polytechnique of Abomey Calavi (EPAC) in Benin, he brings his expertise in renewable energy including biomass energy recovery and industrial process

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