PYRONALA - Design, construction and installation of a heating system based on cashew nut shells in a Sahanala processing plant in Madagascar

May 2022
October 2022
Role in the project
Expertise in biomass valorization




Agroprocessing Bioenergy Climate Forest




Main goals

Nitidæ has developed a "H2CP" technology (High Calorific Cashew Pyrolyser) that uses cashew nut processing plant wastes (cashew shells) in a pyrolysis furnace coupled with a boiler to produce (i) pressurized steam for the cashew nut shelling process and (ii) bio-coal usable as domestic fuel

Specific objectives

SO1. Design, build and install the heating system in Anstohihy
SO2. Train the farmers to use it
SO3. Provide advisory and support on aspects related to hygiene and quality for cashew nut processing
SO4. Supply support and advice on reforestation activities

Related people

Project Officer

Anthony Guhur

With a degree in "Environment, Earth, Change, Climate", specialised in "Rural Area & Environment" from the University of Bourgogne (co-accredited with AgroSup Dijon), he brings expertise in bioenergy, forestry & agro-environmental projects and in project management

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GIS and Remote Sensing Project Manager

Fety Abel Rakotomalala

Currently a PhD student, he holds a DEA of Physics, specialised in "geophysics, remote sensing and GIS" from the Faculty of Sciences of Antananarivo in Madagascar (IOGA). He brings his expertise to the impacts of deforestation, above-ground biomass mapping and scenario development of carbon emissions

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Country representative in Madagascar

Tovondriaka Rakotobe

With a degree in science - coupled with a background in administration and environmental economics - he has over twenty-five years of experience in sustainable development in a variety of fields: protected areas management, environmental management (planning, information system, environmental impact assessments), quality management at the National Office for the Environment, natural resource management, carbone finance

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Project coordinator / Forest & REDD+ / Madagascar

Christian Olivier Mahefa

Holder of a Specialized Higher Studies Diploma in Natural Resources Management and Environment (Option: Conservation Manager) and a Masters in Management Sciences, he has 20 years of experience in the management of Protected Areas (marine and terrestrial). He has held various positions providing him with solid experience in the field of administrative and financial management, budget and human resources management, advocacy, development of public or private partnerships and rural development

Project manager / Bioenergy & Waste

Etienne Perrier

Having graduated from the Engineering School INSA of Lyon as an Engineer in Energy & Environment, option "Thermal systems engineering", Section "Top-level sport", he brings his expertise in renewable thermal systems implementation and analysis, in the food processing industry (shea and cashew), waste recycling and training of local experts

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Project manager / Bioenergy & Waste / Burkina

Julia Artigas Sancho

Process engineer and holder of a European MsC in Renewable energies, she works on energy-related issues in African industry, since 2016. Process optimization and agri-waste-to-energy systems are her main expertise areas: appropriate technologies, training on operation and maintenance, biofuels…

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