SENSOIL - Audit and technical, organizational and commercial support of essential oils produced by the Faniry domain in Madagascar

May 2023
December 2023
Role in the project
Energy, market, agro-process and environment expertise




Agriculture Agroprocessing Market


Pink peppercorn Wood energy Ginger Vetiver


ISARA-Lyon · ASA Madagascar · Fondation Pajol · ASA France · ASAM Provence

Main goals

Establish a diagnosis of the production and marketing of essential oils in the Faniry domain in order to propose improvement solutions

Specific objectives

SO1. Evaluate the production capacity of essential oils (taking into account capacities at the agronomic/agricultural level, extraction but also organizational, etc.)
SO2. Evaluate potential commercial outlets, especially on a local scale initially (depending on production volume, product quality, etc.).


Distillation unit


A1. Identify the supply of aromatic plants
A2. Calculate the supply of firewood
A3. Estimate extraction capacity in 2023
A4. Analyze the marketing of essential oils
A5. Establish an optimal production scenario

Location of reforestation plots aged of 5 years at least

Related people

Project Officer / Madagascar

Anthony Guhur

With a degree in "Environment, Earth, Change, Climate", specialised in "Rural Area & Environment" from the University of Bourgogne (co-accredited with AgroSup Dijon), he brings expertise in bioenergy, forestry & agro-environmental projects and in project management

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