VAFAS - Creation of added value on key strategic agricultural sectors as accelerating support for the employability of young people and women in Boucle du Mouhoun

January 2019
June 2019
Project cost
100 000 €
Role in the project


Burkina Faso


Agriculture Agroprocessing Spatial Planning


Millet Sesame


EU - European Union · Expertise France · IMF LSK · Positive Planet · Lycée Professionnel Régional NAZI BONI

Main goals

Increase the employability of young people, artisans and disadvantaged women in the Boucle du Mouhoun region through the development of their skills in creating added value in strategic agricultural sectors: sesame and millet.

Specific objectives

OS1. Strengthen the capacities of young people and women in processing of agricultural products (Bakery: sesame and millet)
OS2. Provide craftsmen with the necessary skills in design and construction of energy-efficient ovens dedicated to processing of agricultural products
OS3. Support young people, artisans and women trained in creation of their micro-enterprises


  • 100 people including young people, craftsmen and women unemployed or in precarious jobs in Kossi province
  • Population of the Boucle du Mouhoun region as a whole


R1. 40 young people and 40 women are trained in sesame processing, including at least 35 young people and 35 qualified women in CQB / processing agricultural products
R2. 20 young people are trained in design and construction of ovens including 16 qualified at the CQB / furnace design
R3. 50 traditional bakery and sesame processing businesses are established or consolidated and are functional
R4. 100 jobs are created or consolidated in the field of agricultural processing and energy efficiency


A1. Setting up the team and project management bodies
A2. Training courses on processing techniques for sesame and millet-based agricultural products: 40 young bakers and 40 women processors (biscuits)
A3. Training of 20 young people in the design and construction of energy-efficient ovens
A4. Accompaniment of young people and women trained to obtain the CQB
A5. Coaching, consulting and tutoring post-technical training and post-creation of micro-enterprises
A6. Training on rural entrepreneurship and access to finance (inclusive finance, access to credit)
A7. Connecting young people, artisans and women with the Mutuelle d'Epargne and Credit LAAFI SIRA KWEOGO LSK

Related people

Project animator and monitoring

Hermann Mouintuan Coulibaly

Holder of an engineering degree in Agronomy at Ouaga University 1 Pr Joseph Ki-Zerbo / Polytechnic Center of Dédougou, he brings his experience in functional analysis of farming systems, animation of agricultural organization, technical crop management (cotton, sesame, maize, rice ...) and training of farmers

Country representative

Souleymane Jules Gaye

Holder of a Master II in "Accounting and Financial Management" from the International School of Engineering (INSOFE), Boston, USA, he brings his expertise in sustainable community development in West Africa, particularly in the fields of identification and enhancement of local individual or collective initiatives

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