SESAME (SESAme Marketing and Exports) - Increase the capacity of actors in the sesame value chain to meet export quality standards

October 2016
September 2021
Project cost
870 000 €
Role in the project
Sesame expertise


Burkina Faso


Agriculture Agroprocessing Market



Main goals

SESAme Marketing and Exports is a five-year project implemented by Lutheran World Relief (LWR) to increase:

  • the production and export of high quality sesame through an ICT platform (Information and Communication Technologies) that will facilitate the flow of information and transactions
  • targeted capacity building for producers, associations and exporters
  • access to financial services

Specific objectives

SESAME will allow sustainable partnerships between buyers and sellers, strengthen producers’ associations and ensure long-term impact beyond the project


LWR works with exporters and producer cooperatives, processors, buyers, financial institutions and government entities to increase their ability to meet export quality standards, and improve seller-buyer relations. More than 509,000 people will benefit directly and indirectly from the SESAME project during its implementation


** R1. ** Conduct a study to understand international sesame standards and their impact (technical, financial and social) on the value chain in Burkina Faso
** R2. ** Organize four conferences / workshops (one per region) to disseminate information on industry standards, develop common approaches to products handling and post-harvest storage practices to meet these standards, and on the importance of respecting (for buyers and sellers)
** R3. ** Present the study’s findings on international sesame standards and their impact on the value chain in Burkina Faso at inter-professional meetings bringing together national stakeholders (government, exporters and inputs national supply companies)
** R4. ** Provide support and follow-up through one-on-one meetings with government departments and exporters, to define the terms and conditions for integrating these standards into their business strategies
** R5. ** Develop and disseminate communication materials (radio messages in French and local languages) and visual materials (posters, brochures, leaflets) to raise awareness about standards among producers’ organizations, traders and exporters
** R6. ** Train pickers, transporters and traders on best hygiene practices for handling sesame and PEAs on good agricultural techniques, handling practices and post-harvest storage (to keep sesame clean)


RONGEAD/Nitidæ contributes to the following overall project activities:

A1. Market access: facilitate buyer-seller relationships
A6. Infrastructure: handling practices and post-harvest storage
A7. Capacity building: agriculture extension agents / services

The preparation of biopesticides in Mooré - a training video for a quality sesame

Awareness video on good practices for quality sesame: target traders

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Related people

Country representative in Burkina-Faso

Souleymane Jules Gaye

Holder of a Master II in "Accounting and Financial Management" from the International School of Engineering (INSOFE), Boston, USA, he brings his expertise in sustainable community development in West Africa, particularly in the fields of identification and enhancement of local individual or collective initiatives

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Project Officer

François Griffon

Holder of a Master's degree in "Sustainable Farming and Agri-food Systems in the South", specialised in "Markets, Organization, Quality and Services" from Montpellier SupAgro - Institut des Régions Chaudes (IRC), he brings his expertise in sector and value chain analysis, market studies, quality management and farmers' organisations services and support

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Project Manager / Bioenergy & Waste / France

Loïc Simonnot

Engineer in international agro-development from ISTOM, he has high-level expertise recognized by both the public and the private sector, in the shea sector: producers’ organizations, production, processing, marketing and on reducing environmental impacts of processing

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Agricultural Advisor Trainer / Agriculture & Market / Burkina

Michel Ouali

Graduated with a diploma of Technician Superior (BTS) of agriculture he brings his expertise in the supervision of the peasant world in the promotion of innovative agricultural techniques. Much more comfortable in the field, he is illustrated in the organization, training, monitoring and support-advice of the rural world. He worked at the Matourkou Polyvalent Agricultural Center (Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso) and at the International Center for Research and Development on Subhumid Livestock Farming (CIRDES).

Project officer / Agriculture & Market / Burkina

Caroline Bassono

She graduated from the agronomy school of Rennes, Agrocampus Ouest, specialized in Plant Science and Productions - Agrosystems Engineering. She brings her expertise in the development of sustainable farming systems, the support of producers in improving their practices, the creation of training materials on production and post-harvest techniques (sesame) and agroecology

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Agricultural Advisor Trainer / Agriculture & Market / Burkina Faso

Sophie Yaogo

Graduate of a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics from the National University of Taiwan (College of Bio-resources and Agriculture), and a Master of Economics and Management of Enterprises of Social and Solidarity Economy from Ouaga University II , she has skills in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating sustainable development projects, analyzing agricultural value chains and agricultural products valorization

Task officer / Agriculture & Market / Burkina-Faso

Moussa Bingboure

Graduated with a Master 2 in Project Management at Senghor University of Alexandria, and Master 1 in Agricultural and Environmental Economics at Norbert Zongo University, he brings his expertise in the development of agricultural value chains and agro-food, strengthening the technical and organizational capacities of stakeholders in the sectors and also in the analysis of agricultural markets. He also has good experience in the development and coordination of agricultural development and natural resource preservation projects


David Yonli

Driver with experience as a tour guide, he brings all his experience in the management of logistics, preparation and organization of field missions.

Project officer

Ida Drabo

Graduated as Design Engineer in Agricultural Extension at the University Nazi Boni Bobo Dioulasso-Burkina Faso, she brings her expertise in supporting producers in the adoption of innovative technologies. In particular the support and the accompaniment of the actors of the sector in the marketing of shea on the national and international level

Financial and administrative manager / Burkina

Alice Lompo

She holds a Master II in Finance and Accounting, Alice worked in several NGOs in Burkina Faso before joining Nitidæ in July 2019. She occupies currently the position of Administrative and Financial Manager of the Representation of the Burkina Faso