News - Nov 7, 2023

Methods for identifying degraded land in Mozambique and modeling future wildlife distribution in Madagascar

Presentations made by Frédérique Montfort at the Scientific Conference of the Forest Environment Division of IUFRO

From October 24 to 27, 2023, the IUFRO Forest Environment DIV8 Conference 2023 (International Union of Forest Research Organizations) was held in Evora, Portugal.

The conference focused on the critical role of forest landscapes in the face of anthropogenic pressures. These growing challenges require approaches at different spatial and temporal scales, in order to improve the understanding of the different ongoing processes and their consequences on ecological and socio-ecological systems.

Nitidæ was at the conference to present his research work. Frédérique Montfort presented a methodology for identifying priority areas and strategies for restoring degraded lands in Mozambique.

Land use history map of Gilé and Pebane districts (Zambézia Province, Mozambique) helping to identify priority areas for restoration of degraded lands: A) Map of cultivated and fallow fields in 2019 , B) Map of the duration of the current fallow (in years) in 2019, C) Map of the time elapsed since the first forest cutting (in years), D) Map of the number of crop-fallow cycles

She presents also a poster on modeling work on the current and future distribution of different faunal endemic species in Madagascar (download document below).