News - Oct 6, 2020

Job offer Animator Project Manager - PAFAO Côte d'Ivoire PGS Label

Project manager, you will contribute to the implementation and monitoring of activities for the creation of agro-ecological or organic labels in Côte d'Ivoire

Your main missions:

  • Build with local partners the operational plan of the PAFAO Côte d'Ivoire project by ensuring the implementation of a methodology for characterizing the supply and demand for local agro-ecological products
  • Carry out the diagnosis of the agroecological product offer: inventory of practices and organization of the sector (market gardening as a priority) - location to be defined - technico-economic criteria, inputs ...
  • Carry out the diagnosis of the demand for agroecological products: market study and consultation of "consumer" partners
  • Establish a dialogue with the Ivorian institutions for the regulatory calibration of the future Label (legal support will be considered)
  • Lead the drafting of the specifications and lead the reflection around the construction of a control system
  • Lead a network of voluntary producers wishing to get involved in the process: discussions on technical aspects and support on the structuring of the sector
  • Lead the consultation between actors to build a communication plan for the different audiences of the project: producers, consumers, institutions...

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