National CDD job - Technical assistant to AMASSA in Mali for the project Forest territories and innovative sectors for the forest and the local economy

Based in Bamako, Mali, its mission will be to manage the project and provide technical expertise to improve the forest cover of the Ségou Region, its protection and the forest-related economy.

The mission will be conducted in close consultation with members of the project team, to guide project direction and to support project coordination with partners and donors.

The AT of the FORECO project will have for mission to:

  • Coordinate relations between the EU and the Nitidæ and AMASSA teams
  • Plan the activities and coordinate the implementation of activities in the field in close collaboration with the AMASSA team
  • Perform technical monitoring and evaluation of project activities
  • Identify capacity building needs and prepare training
  • Compile local technical information and draft technical and financial progress reports of the project or other documents
  • ...

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