News - Jun 30, 2021

We are hiring a Facilitator/Trainer in organic shea butter for a 6-month term in the Ivory Coast

The facilitator will support a group of women producing shea butter in the north of the Ivory Coast for a 6-month-long term starting in July 2021

Job Location

Located in Dabakala, peripheral area of the Comoe National Park on the outskirts of the Mount Tingui Biodiversity Zone (BZ) in the Ivory Coast, you will work in close collaboration with Nitidæ's employees and collaborators within the framework of the PAPBIO Comoe project that will directly benefit about 300 women in the area, including members of the Nankoumina Cooperative

Main Missions

Support the development of the shea cooperative through training, animation, technical support and management advice:

  • Logistical and financial management of shea purchases to members
  • Management and organization of collective transformation at the processing and production center
  • Implementation of an internal control system for organic certification

Main Responsabilities

  • Training of shea collectors in cooperative life, organic collection practices and improved almond production practices
  • Training members of the cooperative's executive committee (financial management, warehouse and traceability management, ICS operation and customer requirements management)
  • Support the executive committee in information sharing, collective decision making and mobilization of members around the cooperative and its objectives
  • Prepare and lead the governance authorities of the cooperative (management board and general assembly)
  • Support for purchase/sales management, use of financial management tools, work organization, internal control and traceability monitoring

Application requirements

  • Studies in agricultural popularization / rural development / agronomy / forestry
  • Proven skills in facilitation, training and agricultural advisory services
  • Fluency in French and at least 1 local language: Dioula
  • Motorcycle license required

This position is based in Dabakala for a period of 6 months starting in July.
To apply for this position: Send CV + cover letter + diplomas by email to d.mea@nitidae.org
Reference: Facilitator/trainer organic shea
Closing date for applications: July, 10th, 2021

>> Download the complete recruitment profile here.

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