CTA seminar in Wageningen to better understand the blockchain

Technical training and presentation of our project 'The blockchain for a better traceability of cocoa'

2 days of seminar to exchange around the 4 projects financed by CTA on the blockchain (see [here](http://www.cta.int/en/blockchain/article/grant-contract-award-notice- blockchain-uses-in-agriculture-sid0feecbd3c-4c0e-4355-9f77-e577f0888a8e)) but also to benefit from outside interventions by blockchain experts (such as Henk van Cann https://www.blockchainworkspace.com/) or brands that have developed blockchain channels (such as Fair food https://fairfood.nl/). The other laureates who were present: AgUnity https://agunity.com/, Bioversity https://www.bioversityinternational.org/, International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) https://ciat.cgiar.org/, Erba 96 Ltd https://www.erba.hu/index_en.html

=> In the case of traceability, the blockchain is a proof system (a "photo" of the data at a time 't' that can be reconsidered later) to guarantee that the information is are not modified, particularly as regards of the cocao origin. This should improve the guarantee that cocoa does not come from protected areas or that has been deforested.

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