News - Apr 6, 2020

All united in the Covid-19 storm

We take the blows, we adapt, we act: our team remains mobilized!

The confinement of half of the world's population to fight against this virus is a major event in our society which shows both our weakness, but also our humanity to face it.

In all the countries where we operate, our colleagues have gone on to telework in Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, Senegal and France.

The recommended sanitary instructions have been transmitted and adapted to the context, like this DIY solution in Burkina-Faso to install a contactless hand washing machine:

We maintain most of our activities from our projects knowing that the environment in the long term, but also support for the economic sector in the short term, and support for resilient agriculture, are extremely strategic in this period. Producers are likely to have difficulty selling their products, imports are compromised, businesses are struggling to operate and consumers have their purchasing habits disrupted. Some of our support is therefore highly strategic (resilient agricultural practices, information on prices, monitoring of forests by satellite, distance training, modeling of energy solutions, market studies...) and we will strengthen them when others are impossible to carry out.

Short-term consultancy, in particular expertise missions, at the level of the project or external partners, are postponed, but also local missions in the countries where the confinement instructions have been given. The impacts of these postponements are not yet known.

In Mozambique, easy-to-access techniques also guarantee the health security of our colleagues and the people we work with:

Let's cross the approaches, cross the skills and cross the fingers while remaining united and mobilized for resilient territories.

Take care of yourself and others!