News - Dec 7, 2021

A beautiful reportage on our approach of the Mé REDD+ project for sustainable cocoa fighting against deforestation

Funded by the FCPF (Forest Carbon Partnership Facility), this video questions the Mé REDD+ Project as a model to combat deforestation in the cocoa sector
@Video made by [AADO Media](

Video produced by Kinomé and financed by The World Bank which highlights our territorial and community approach to the fight against deforestation in Côte d'Ivoire. Several facets of the Mé REDD + Project (PRM) are presented: 0 deforestation agriculture, Payments for Ecosystem Services, territorial planning, sustainable cocoa, remote sensing.

The video contains in particular a very good example of territorial modeling carried out by our Lab ', whose cutting-edge tools constitute real aids to decision. In this specific case, future modeling made it possible to sensitize the populations and political decision-makers to the creation of the Mabi Yaya Nature Reserve.

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