ANACLIM - Applied research project on crop forecasting model and improvement of the cashew production in Cote d'Ivoire

January 2014
January 2015
Project cost
5 000 €
Role in the project


Côte d’Ivoire


Agriculture Climate Forest Market Remote sensing



Main goals

Through its experience of 18 years in the Ivorian cashew nut sector, Nitidæ (ex Rongead-Etc Terra) has the vision to understand the cashew sector issues and develop innovative ideas. In line with this, the NGO is developing a tool that enables to forecast the total cashew production of the coming year. In 2014, a partnership with the « Conseil de Régulation, de Suivi et de Développement des Filières Coton et Anacarde » has been signed, allowing Nitidæ to start the activities needed to build that crop forecasting tool.

Specific objectives

Improve the Ivorian State intervention on the price and volume regulation for a better prospective knowledge of the country's production


The "Conseil Coton Anacarde" (CCA), producers and market actors


R1. Develop knowledge on the limiting factors of the cashew yield by a literature review and field surveys/observations
R2. Develop the understanding of the farmers’ practices
R3. Forecast the national production of cashew nuts
R4. Improve the farm advisory on the agricultural practices of the cashew nuts production
R5. Develop a research strategy in plant breeding adapted to the local context


A1. A review of the literature on the cashew production factors
A2. A review of the cashew farming practices used in distinct climatic areas
A3. Develop an experimental design to collect data needed to build the database of the crop forecasting model
A4. Training the field actors at the observation, the collect and the analyse of cashew agronomic data
A5. Setting up and following a database with the yield of cashew measured on different conditions (farmers’ practices, climate…)
A6. Mapping of the cashew yield and superficies cultivated in several distinct climatic areas

Related people

Project Manager / France

Noémie Rullier

Holder of an Engineering diploma in Agronomy, specializing in Sustainable agricultural & Agri-Food systems for the South, from Montpellier SupAgro- Institut des Régions Chaudes (IRC), she brings her expertise to support technical changes and development processes in rural area; to support farm advisory, training engineering and plant biology research

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Cédric Rabany

Holder of a Master of Science, "Agricultural Engineer and territories development" from the Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture (ISARA Lyon), he brings his expertise in agro-food/agricultural sectors' analysis and development, strengthening of supplychain actors (producers, private/public actors, agro-food industries...), socio-economic analysis of agricultural chains and his great knowledge of companies in these markets

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