CLIMATE SMART CASHEW - Agronomic tests on the Biochar benefits in Mozambique

December 2023
December 2025
Project cost
21 000 USD
Role in the project




Agriculture Organic Agriculture Bioenergy Climate Degradation-Restoration



Main goals

Assess the benefits of Biochar application on the growth and mortality of cashew seedlings during the plantation of a new cashew orchard, as well as on the productivity of annual food crop (cassava) cultivated in association with new cashew trees. The biochar is made from the carbonization of cashew nut shells

Specific objectives

SO1. Definition and implementation of an experimental protocol in a farming environment, on sandy soils with 4 treatments for cassava (control, biochar, biochar + NPK, NPK) and 4 treatments for cashew seedlings (control, biochar, biocher + EM ®™, EM ®™). EM are a combination of beneficial micro-organisms: bacteria, yeasts, fungi.
SO2. Evaluate the impact of biochar on water retention and the effect of combining biochar with mineral fertilisers and with the addition of microorgnisms in the soil on the mortality and growth of cashew trees and on cassava production.


R1. Implementation of the protocol on 4 plots of 0.5 ha
R2. Comparison of cashew tree mortality and growth according to the different treatments
R3. Comparison of cassava production according to the different treatments


A1. Definition and drafting of the protocol with the Norwegian University of Life Sciences
A2. Implementation and monitoring of the experiment
A3. Analysing the results and creating training materials on this basis


Related people

Agronomist & Research Assistant / Agriculture & Market / Mozambique

Dinis Francisco Augusto

Holder of a Technical University Diploma in agriculture, he joined the team in January 2017 as an agricultural technician for the Mozbio project in the community of Musseia, Pebane district. In January 2019, he worked as an agricultural technician in the ACAMOZ project in the community of Naburi (Pebane). And since January 2024, thanks to his expertise, he has become an agronomist and research assistant on the ACAMOZ 2 project, around the Gilé National Park.

Agro & research manager / Agriculture & Market / Mozambique

Samuel Mitais

An agricultural engineer graduated from ENSAIA, he specialized in agricultural development in the South at the Institut des Régions Chaudes au Sud in Montpellier Supagro. Its areas of expertise are the understanding of agrarian dynamics, the socio-economic aspects and the techniques of production systems and more particularly on agroforestry. He has worked since 2021 as a technical assistant on the ACAMOZ project in Mozambique. Since 2024, he has been responsible for agronomy and research on the second phase of the ACAMOZ project, around the Gilé National Park

Agronomy Project Manager / Agriculture & Market / France

Valéry Bourotte

Graduate Engineer Agronomist, Sustainable Agrifood and Agronomic Systems in the South (SAADS) of the Institut des Régions Chaudes (IRC) Montpellier SupAgro, he brings his expertise to the teams' methodological support on the diagnosis realization at the territory and plot scalesto co-construct projects with producers

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Project manager / Agriculture & Market / Mozambique

Charline de Rouvroy

Holder of a Master degree in agricultural management and territories (IAM Montpellier) and agricultural engineer, Charline joined Nitidæ team in May 2018. She brings her expertise in project management, agriculture in southern countries…

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Country representative in Mozambique

Jean-Baptiste Roelens

Holder of a master Tropical environment and Biodiversity, he worked for 3 years in French Guyana, notably as forest ecology and soil science research officer at CIRAD. From 2008 to 2016 he worked at the WWF in Madagascar, France and Democratic Republic of Congo as Forest and Climate program manager. At WWF, he supported conservation, forest landscape restoration and REDD+ projects, he also conducted campaign and advocacy work on forest policies and energy infrastructure development. He joined Etc Terra - then nitidæ - in May 2016 as MOZBIO project manager around the Gilé national reserve in the Zambézia province in Mozambique.

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