EKAN EBONOU - Family-farming products on supermarket shelves in Ivory Coast

September 2017
August 2019
Project cost
36 400 €
Role in the project
Agricultural sectors expertise


Côte d’Ivoire


Agriculture Organic Agriculture Agroprocessing Market


Eggplant Okra Yam Corn Cassava Pepper Tomato

Main goals

The project aims to improve the income of the Attiengouakro Women's Union by creating added value through the sustainable supply of supermarkets in vegetable products

Specific objectives

  • Facilitate the contractualization between supermarkets and farmers’ groups for the selling of family-farming products on supermarket shelves in a sustainable manner
  • Upgrading farmers' farming practices in line with supermarket specifications
  • Contribute to the increase of the project participants’ income


A group of 50 women, of the 2000 women from the Attiengouakro Women's Union in the Yamoussoukro District


R1. The analysis of the reference situation in terms of farming practices and supermarket expectations for food products (mainly vegetables) is complete
R2. Supermarkets and producers’ contract for the supply of vegetable products comply with the specifications
R3. The producers are trained in implementing and meeting the specifications (through quality control training, updating of cultivation practices, implementation of procedures, etc.)
R4. Producers are trained in operations management (financial, commercial, inventories)
R5. Income of food producers of the Attiengouakro sub-prefecture is improved


A1. Study on the Attiengouakro Women's Union: identify the production, current farming practices assessment, current marketing system analysis, prices by period, markets, specific hurdles, assets, etc.
A2. Identification of the project’s partner supermarket
A3. Study at supermarket level: assessing the structure’s needs in terms of food products, specifications (marketed agricultural products, requirements in terms of varieties, quality, hygiene, etc.)
A4. Support the signing of the supply contract. Producers will be accompanied when contracting with supermarkets
A5. Identification and awareness raising of at least 50 women producers to join the project
A6. Train and organize producers to comply with the specifications: train producers in implementing the specifications and also help them establish an internal control system
A7. Train producers in choosing and using inputs according to crops and specifications
A8. Support procedures design and training of producers in quality control (peer review). The 50 accompanied women will be trained to raise awareness among their group
A9. Women's leadership and operational management training: design sustainable good governance tools

Related people

Analyste de Marchés Agricoles

Constance Konan

A graduate in international business, Constance held several positions in agribusiness (UNIVELER, SITA-SA, etc.) before joining Nitidæ where she brings her knowledge of Ivorian value chains and her experience in market analysis, notably on the cereals market. She also coordinates a project linking family farming with retailers

Project Manager

Julien Gonnet

Holder of a Professional Master II in Sustainable Development from the University of Geneva and a Master I in Geography from the University of Jean Moulin, he brings his expertise in project building and project management on agricultural markets, the use of ICT within the agriculture sector, the implementation of certification (organic, fair...) and engineering training

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