FILSOUD - Study of Sudan's value chains' key products

January 2016
February 2016
Project cost
10 000 €
Role in the project
Sectors value chain expertise




Agriculture Market


Peanut Okra Onion Sesame

Main goals

Concern Worldwide has supported the development of the private sector through various programs in sub-Saharan Africa. In this perspective - and given the success of these companies - a food security program was implemented in Sudan

Specific objectives

RONGEAD was hired as African value chains expert to conduct a diagnosis of the area (West Darfur)’s strategic sectors and to train the Concern worldwide team. Analyzing local value chains helps to understand the local economic context and define relevant support to enabling the inclusion of the poorest populations into these value chains and local markets


The training that RONGEAD will provide to Concern staff will provide skills that can be used to this end, under the direction of the FIM Program Manager. For this reason, training will not only target Concern's FIM team but also members of other teams


R1. Diagnostic reports of value chains
R2. Mapping of the most important agricultural sectors in Concern's area of operation
R3. Report on the sector-based approach/value chain for the teams
R4. Capacity building of Concern staff, who will participate in the training of the FIM team and other members of the Concern team interested in studying the sectors


A1. The proposed diagnosis is based on 2 complementary methodological tools: the value chain analysis according to the "GIZ Value Links" method and the identification of market fundamentals according to the "RONGEAD / ODA" method Potential sectors selected for analysis are: peanut, sesame, okra, onion and balanites. The information collected prior to the mission and at mission inception will allow choosing 3 sectors among these 5
A2. Under the BRACED Project, Concern also plans to support the development of non-agricultural income-generating activities (e.g. soap production or soil brick production)

Related people

Project Officer

François Griffon

Holder of a Master's degree in "Sustainable Farming and Agri-food Systems in the South", specialised in "Markets, Organization, Quality and Services" from Montpellier SupAgro - Institut des Régions Chaudes (IRC), he brings his expertise in sector and value chain analysis, market studies, quality management and farmers' organisations services and support

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