LABEL BIO DU FASO - Development of the "Participatory Guarantee System" (PGS) for healthy eating behaviours and a resilient agriculture

May 2016
February 2018
Project cost
184 000 €
Role in the project


Burkina Faso


Agriculture Organic Agriculture Climate Market

Main goals

Contribute to the evolution of Burkina Faso policies on food security and sustainable rural development building on the optimization of local resources.

Specific objectives

  • Aim to facilitate the matching of the chain of production in agro-ecology and urban demand on safe and nutritious local food.
  • Support the launching of the Organic Label in Burkina Faso and strengthen the "Participatory Guarantee System" (PGS) that will be it certification tool according to the method recommended by IFOAM


  • Women’s group of inputs (400 women concerned)
  • Organic producers’ organization (800 producers concerned)
  • Consumers (of organic baskets, of out-of-home catering: 16 000 consumers concerned)


R1. The existence of an Organic Label in Burkina Faso strengthens national regulations and contributes to a popular education that promotes good nutritional practice including consumers in the "Participatory Guarantee System" (IFOAM methodology)
R2. The number of producers using organic agriculture increases thanks to a better access to agro-ecological inputs by enhancing the value of local resources and to a strengthening of skills in the rural world.
R3. A system of distribution of organic products in the form of baskets secures economically the production and stimulates better food consumption practices by promoting better awareness factors of food behaviors at domestic households and out-of-home catering levels.


A1. Promotion of organic agriculture as a catalyst of food consumption behaviors change
A2. Strengthening and formalization of the “Participatory Guarantee System” as an organic certification tool in Burkina Faso
A3. Technical assistance to CNABio for promotion, dissemination and adoption of the Organic Label in Burkina Faso
A4. Growth of the organic production
A5. Strengthening of green input productions sector
A6. Training of producers on agro-ecological practices
A7. Strengthening of short consumption chains via a distribution system based on organic baskets
A8. Support on contractualization for organic baskets' producers
A9. Promotion of short circuits for environment-friendly products

Related people

Country representative in Burkina-Faso

Souleymane Jules Gaye

Holder of a Master II in "Accounting and Financial Management" from the International School of Engineering (INSOFE), Boston, USA, he brings his expertise in sustainable community development in West Africa, particularly in the fields of identification and enhancement of local individual or collective initiatives

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Project Officer

Magloire Sacla Aïde

Design & Mechanical Engineer, specialised in "Energy and industrial technician in mechanical production" from the Ecole Polytechnique of Abomey Calavi (EPAC) in Benin, he brings his expertise in renewable energy including biomass energy recovery and industrial process

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