TERROIRS - Integrated territorial approach in rural communities in the provinces of Sanguié and Boulkiemdé in Burkina-Faso

October 2023
September 2027
Project cost
5 868 000 €
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Burkina Faso


Agriculture Agroecology Agroforestry Climate Forest Market REDD+


Timber Wood energy Shea Honey NTFPs


INADES · CERDE - Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches sur le Droit de l’Environnement · APAD Sanguié · EU - European Union

Main goals

Contribute to strengthening the resilience of the populations of the Sanguié and Boulkiemdé provinces affected by the security crisis

Specific objectives

Rural communities in the provinces of Sanguié and Boulkiemdé are resilient to insecurity, climate change and economically competitive and sustainable


  • Local economic stakeholders spread across 45 villages in 9 municipalities
  • Target groups decentralized, deconcentrated and community institutions


R1. Agroecological production is strengthened and made sustainable
R2. Sustainable management of natural ecosystems is improved
R3. Social cohesion and sustainable participatory governance of territories are boosted
R4. Communication, visibility, capitalization and knowledge management


A1. Agroecologically intensive cereal production with an increase in yields of at least 33%
A2. Agroecologically intensive market gardening is developed on 25 ha
A3. Sustainable NTFP value chains are supported through the establishment of 5 collective shea nut processing centers and the regeneration of 250 hectares of shea park
A4. Sustainable poultry value chains are supported and boosted
A5. 900 hectares of forest areas in the target municipalities are demarcated
A6. Reforestation actions are promoted with at least 800,000 fast-growing trees planted, with a survival rate of 80% at the end of the project
A7. Municipal forests demarcated and better managed by local authorities
A8. Social cohesion is strengthened by the implementation of socio-cultural actions
A9. A communication and visibility strategy and a knowledge capitalization and management model are developed and implemented
A10. Local authorities are informed

Related people

Project officer / Agriculture & Market / Burkina-Faso

Caroline Bassono

She graduated from the agronomy school of Rennes, Agrocampus Ouest, specialized in Plant Science and Productions - Agrosystems Engineering. She brings her expertise in the development of sustainable farming systems, the support of producers in improving their practices, the creation of training materials on production and post-harvest techniques (sesame) and agroecology

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Agricultural Advisor Trainer / Agriculture & Market/ Burkina-Faso

Pawendtaoré Amos Sawadogo

Graduated of the Higher Technician's Certificate in Agriculture from the Polyvalent Agricultural Center of Matourkou in Burkina-Faso, he has experience in the development of agro-forestry development plans and the organization of rural producers into cooperative societies according to OHADA standards. Within the Tiipaalga Association, he ensured the sustainable management of land and forests for the benefit of producers in the Boucle du Mouhoun and Plateau-Central regions, then he provided agricultural technical support in the Center-East region

Project officer / Burkina-Faso

Ida Drabo

Graduated as Design Engineer in Agricultural Extension at the University Nazi Boni Bobo Dioulasso-Burkina Faso, she brings her expertise in supporting producers in the adoption of innovative technologies. In particular the support and the accompaniment of the actors of the sector in the marketing of shea on the national and international level

Project coordinator / Agriculture & Market / Burkina-Faso

Alassane Dao

Rural Development Design Engineer, from the Rural Development Institute (IDR) of the Polytechnic University of Bobo-Dioulasso (UPB); Socio-economics specialty focused on the monitoring and evaluation of development projects and programs. Previously Local Development Advisor within the Integrated Development Company of the Pôle de Croissance de Bagré (Bagrépôle SEM), he is currently in charge of the operational coordination of the Innovative Sector and Inclusive Growth of the Local Economy (FICIEL) project.

Monitoring and Evaluation task officer / Agriculture & Market / Burkina-Faso

Hawa Fatilata Sanou

Rural Development Engineer, Sociology and Rural Economy option from the Rural Development Institute (IDR) at the Nazi Boni University (Burkina Faso). She brings her expertise in the monitoring and evaluation of the FICIEL project. She worked as a research assistant in monitoring and evaluation in the 2Scale program at IFDC (International Fertilizer Development Center) Burkina Faso. She has skills in project design, analysis of agricultural value chains and capacity building of actors

Communication manager / Burkina-Faso

Wanhir Roland Some

He holds a bachelor's degree in information and communication sciences from the University of Ouagadougou, and is currently doing a master's degree in Gender, Population and Development at the Pan-African Institute for Development. He worked as a journalist at Agribusiness TV, then as Publication Director at Faso TV, a Burkinabè web TV. He also worked as communications and multimedia manager for the Yam-Pukri association and joined the team in 2023. He brought his skills to the WAKANDA project, the BE-IN project and is currently working on the plan and strategy of communication of the TERROIR project

Project Officer / Energy / Burkina-Faso

Romaric Aouake

Holder of an engineering degree in management of mining, oil and energy activities, Romaric joined Nitidæ Côte d'Ivoire in January 2018 and currently holds the position of Energy Project Manager for the REDD + Project of Mé. He brings his expertise in the improvement of carbonization techniques and the support of local biomass energy recovery and energy efficiency projects.

Accountant / Burkina-Faso

Zalissa Dialla Kabore

Holder of a Masters in Economics and Management, option Economics and Management of Companies and Organizations. She worked in several structures before joining the team, she currently holds the position of accountant for the WAKANDA project in Burkina-Faso.

Headquarters management controller / France

Manon Le Bars

As a lawyer in public law and environmental law, she has a master's degree in environmental law as well as a diploma in human resources and finance manager of humanitarian action at BIOFORCE. She has several experiences as a lawyer in a law firm before finally deciding to join the world of humanitarian work, development and international solidarity. Her role in the team, as management controller, is focused on Burkina-Faso