TRACAM - Traceability, transparency and sustainability issues of cocoa supply-chain in Cameroon

January 2022
May 2022
Project cost
34  500 €
Role in the project
Cocoa value chain expertise




Agroforestry Climate Forest Market



Main goals

The assignment will provide an analysis of the state of play of the cocoa supply chain, cocoa traceability and standards related to economic, environmental and social sustainability. This assignment is meant to assess the feasibility and potential of a transparency approach in the cocoa supply chain to inform Cameroon’s strategic dialogue with its commercial partners, in particular the EU to operationalize its strategy on imported deforestation

Specific objectives

SO1. Realize a detailed description, and corresponding data sources, of the cocoa supply chain in terms of production, domestic trade, processing, exports, institutional arrangements, sustainability and stakeholders
SO2. Provide a description of existing and planned public and private traceability initiatives in the cocoa sector, their main challenges and the evaluation of these systems
SO3. Furnish a description and analysis of existing policy and institutional frameworks related to cocoa pricing and farmer incomes, deforestation and forest degradation, and child labor

Related people

Carbon and supply chain tasks officer / Agriculture & Market / France

Thomas Fabre

After graduating from a general business school (HEC Paris) and a master's degree in ecological philosophy, he specialised in environmental management at AgroParisTech. He worked for an econometric and statistical analysis company, as well as in a strategy consulting firm specialised in the Africa and Middle East. He has carried out missions concerning agricultural markets in sub-Saharan Africa and has conducted surveys in Tanzania on the development of mobile payments in an agricultural sector. He supports the research department on the traceability of cocoa in Cameroon and works on the carbon footprint of a company in the vanilla industry in Madagascar

Project officer / Agriculture & Market / France

Pierre Ricau

Holder of a Master Degree in "Agricultural Development and Economic Policies" from the Institute of Development Studies (IEDES), Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne University and AgroParisTech. He brings his expertise in agricultural market analysis (especially cashew, sesame, shea, cocoa, hevea, corn, rice and onion), development of agro-food sectors, training engineering and consultancy on public agricultural/agro-industrial policies

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