News - Jul 20, 2020

An update from Mount Namuli

Provide support across all areas of our work - including land tenure, agricultural and apiculture programming

During the COVID-19 State of Emergency in Mozambique, we have carefully continued to work with the Namuli communities. Whether in-person as appropriate, or distanced as needed, our field team has been able to provide support across all areas of our work— including land tenure, agricultural and apiculture programming.

By finding new and creative ways to connect and organize, we have also created a collaboration with the local government to increase health support for the Namuli communities as they face COVID-19. As part of this initiative we are currently coordinating with the District Health Directorate to recruit and train community health activists that will provide Namuli’s communities with the information they need to stay safe during this time and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The challenges of the past months have brought our team and we are working hard to continue to learn how best to support the Namuli communities, each other, as we adapt and innovate in the face of change.

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