News - May 16, 2022

Results' assessment of the market information disseminated by SMS to cashew producers in Mozambique

98% of producers say they would like to continue receiving prices by SMS in future campaigns
Photo above: technician Wilson from technoServe conducting the interview at 3 producers who received the SMS with the prices (Muepane - Nampula)

During the 2020/2021 marketing campaign of cashew nuts in Mozambique, Nitidæ in coordination with TechnoServe, within the framework of the ACAMOZ project, sent informative messages on the evolution of the market, from international to farm-gate prices to farmers in 22 districts in the provinces of Zambezia, Nampula and Cabo Delgado.

Extract from N'kalo's January 14, 2021 cashew nut market analysis bulletin

A total of 28 informative SMS were sent directly to more than 70000 producers in the period from November 2020 to February 2021 where the objective of these messages was to provide farmers and other actors with up-to-date information on cashew prices, (including the reference price), so that they can sell or store for future sale when the market is more attractive.

Local price information exchange meeting after receiving messages

The objectives of this evaluation carried out on 448 producers

  • show the impacts of this information on the marketing practices adopted by these producers and the impacts in terms of securing their sales and income
  • estimate farmers' satisfaction with message content
  • know what additional information they would like to receive
Evolution of prices in the 3 provinces during this campaign and rate of satisfaction in relation to bargaining power

What to remember from this evaluation

  • RECEPTION: 93% of producers received the information correctly
  • NEGOTIATION: 83% of farmers say they used the information to negotiate the sale of their cashew nuts
  • SATISFACTION: 98% of them would like to continue to receive the prizes by SMS during the next campaigns
  • EVOLUTION: 54% also want information on other types of crops they can sell

>> Download the investigation report below: