News - Apr 26, 2021

The active participation of women cashew producers in Mozambique in the ACAMOZ project

Around Gilé National Park, the project gives the opportunity to women cashew nut producers to actively participate in technical training on conservation agriculture and the planting of cashew trees

Training for women

Producer Domingas Julio Cussape is a member of the APANS growers association in Naburi. For a long time, she saw that despite the fact that women did most of the agricultural work to ensure the food security of their families, they did not benefit from any training program, unlike men.

Cashew women experts

Since the ACAMOZ project promotes the direct participation of women in training, they are now learning cashew planting technique and improved agricultural practices that increase their yields in the fields and preserve soil fertility.

Sustainable improvements for women

Ms. Domingas is delighted with the opportunity offered by the project because she sees how it strengthens the participation of women in the APANS association and feels more secure about the future of her family.

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