News - Oct 3, 2022

Our 2021 annual report

Fifth year of existence for the merged entity - Nitidæ - which links agricultural, economic, social and environmental issues, at the scale of rural territories

Nitidæ has published its activity report for the year 2021. This publication is an opportunity to review the main achievements and news of the association over the past year. You will find in particular a presentation of our major interventions, but also its themes of intervention, its teams, without forgetting a report on the finances of the association. In 2021, Nitidæ's 165 employees carried out a total of 90 interventions in 44 countries, in collaboration with 77 operational partners and supported by 61 financial partners.

Today Nitidæ is:

12 administrators and 165 collaborators

4 areas of expertise

>> Forests & natural resources
>> Agriculture & markets
>> Land use planning
>> Bioenergy & waste

€6.1 million budget

3 initiatives

>> N’kalô : committed information
>> Nitidæ Lab : our scientific expertise
>> Agrovalor Plateform : to develop appropriate energy solutions

90 interventions

>> divided between projects and studies/services

6 representations

But also :

>> Many other countries of intervention in 2021: Ecuador, Togo, Benin, Cameroon, Morocco, Belize, etc

Want to learn more? >> Download our report below