News - Mar 31, 2023

We are looking for an evaluator for our FORECO project in Mali on the planting of trees for economic purposes

Can we both improve the vegetation cover while increasing the income of the inhabitants? This is what the FORECO project has attempted to do over the past 4 years.


The project "forest territories and innovative sectors for the forest and the local economy" - FORECO - is funded by the European Union and the government of the Republic of Mali within the framework of the Global Alliance for Climate Change (AGCC) . It takes place in 140 villages in 15 municipalities in the circles of Ségou, Barouéli and Tominian (Ségou region). It is implemented by the NGOs Nitidæ and AMASSA, its local partners and the beneficiary populations.

It is part of a dynamic contribution to the efforts made by the Government of Mali in the context of adaptation and mitigation of the adverse effects of climate change and the contribution to the achievement of the results of the AGCC.


The project will have two specific objectives:
SO1. Ensure the reforestation of tree species that have, above all, an economic logic (cashew nuts, gum arabic, shea butter, fruits, timber, wood energy, etc.)
SO2. Increase the attractiveness of the forest through better marketing of forest products and services (improvement of practices, market information, networking, etc.).

Nitidæ has adopted the community and participatory approach as an implementation strategy. The direct target groups targeted by this project are: producers, farmers, loggers, users of natural resources, umbrella organizations farmer organizations that cover the Ségou region, constituting 30 farmer organizations representing approximately 5,000 producers/loggers and 15 beneficiary municipalities, marginalized groups (women), local elected officials, committees.

>> Download the terms of reference for the proposed evaluation mission here

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