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We are looking for a consultant for the final evaluation of the PAPBio Comoé project in Côte d'Ivoire

Sustainable, participatory and integrated management of the peripheral territories of the Comoé National Park

Reminders of project objectives

The general objective of the project was to “Promote endogenous, inclusive and sustainable economic development of peripheral rural areas of the Comoé National Park”.

To contribute to this general objective, the action aimed at three specific objectives broken down at three complementary geographical scales (from the region to the plot, including the village):

Specific objective 1 Strengthen the concerted management of natural resources by establishing a structured dialogue between stakeholders at the regional level (public institutions, Ivorian Office of Parks and Reserves, sectoral associations, traditional authorities, communities local, private sector). The aim here is to enable a structured dialogue between local populations (sedentary and nomadic) and managers of classified forests and protected areas to compensate for the lack of information, communication and anticipation of conflicts.

Specific objective 2 Support target villages in the development and implementation of harmonious and inclusive Local Development Plans (PDL), based on official boundaries. Until very recently, the territorial planning documents of Côte d'Ivoire stopped at the municipal level. Thanks to a partnership between Nitidæ and the Ministry of Planning (Spatial Planning Directorate), a manual for developing PDLs at the village level was developed and successfully tested as part of the Mé REDD+ Project. It is its variation in the Comoé area which is proposed here, making it possible to update and formalize the approaches initiated by ANADER for the benefit of AVCDs.

Specific objective 3 Improve the social and economic valorization of natural and human resources allowing better resilience of populations in the face of climate change. In order to strengthen the involvement of local populations in the management of natural resources, it is necessary to support them in the development of profitable economic activities with a low impact on natural resources.

Objectives of the evaluation

The objective of the evaluation is to analyze to what extent the objective and results of the project were achieved and what were the decisive factors that contributed to the achievement or non-achievement of the objective and results and to document lessons learned as well as recommendations for future actions with similar objectives and results. To do this, the evaluation will analyze the relevance of the interventions, the efficiency of implementation, effectiveness, impact and viability of the project.

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