News - Mar 15, 2022

Video of the AGROVALOR project - Equipment for the energy recovery of agro-industrial waste adapted to the local Ivorian context

6 cashew processors, 40 attiéké production units and 10 shea butter production units have decided to invest in these equipments

Improved stoves that halve the wood bill of attiéké producers, pyrolysis ovens that properly recycle cashew shells, large capacity roasters that can operate alone with shea waste... these are some of the equipment distributed in Côte d'Ivoire through the Agrovalor RCI project. The sustainable dissemination of these technologies must be done by the hand of equipment manufacturers trained specifically in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of this equipment. To learn more about this productive energy project, watch this capitalization video:

Agri-food processing is booming in Côte d'Ivoire. Whether it is within artisanal units, producing attiéké on a family scale, women's groups producing shea butter, or cashew factories focused on the export market for delicious almonds; the activity is flourishing and supports dozens of families, forming a network of small and medium-sized local industries. All of these companies have two things in common. On the one hand, they have big heat needs for their process, which involves an intense consumption of wood, often harvested improperly. On the other hand, they generate large quantities of waste, either in solid form or dirty water, thus inducing negative externalities for their environment.

The good news is that there is clear potential for improvement, firstly through improved, more efficient equipment, and secondly, through recycling their own waste as a source of thermal energy. Here is the main mission of the Agrovalor project: to promote the energy recovery of agro-industrial waste in Côte d'Ivoire. In total, 6 cashew processors, 40 attiéké producing units and 10 shea butter production units have decided to invest in energy-efficient production equipment with the help of the project. Two equipment manufacturers in metal fabrication have been strengthened, and a new structure has been created to bring together masons who manufacture improved stoves in an association. Three training centers hosted training sessions for young technicians in the manufacture of bioenergy equipment such as the pyrolysis oven, the improved double cooking stove, the shea kernel roaster and the briquette press, and two training tools have been created which can be reused by centers wishing to add this content to their training courses. Energy savings, which are also: money and time savings, less arduous work, all in a cleaner environment. The beneficiaries testify to their satisfaction, watch them in the video!