SHEA GETS GREENER - Development of a shea butter supply chain with high environmental and social added value to create jobs and large-scale sales for artisanal producers

December 2021
April 2024
Project cost
1 068 000 €
Role in the project
Expertise shea sector


Côte d’Ivoire Mali


Agriculture Organic Agriculture Agroprocessing Market



Main goals

Integrate 5,400 artisanal shea collectors and producers in Côte d'Ivoire and Mali into a long-term business relationship with Savannah Fruits Company, which generates real income opportunities for shea collectors and producers and is accompanied by the dissemination of organic farming practices and production equipment that reduce the social and environmental externalities of the activity


  • 4000 women shea collectors
  • 1400 women shea butter producers
  • 7 shea butter production centers
  • 2 shea kernel production centers


R1. Organization and consolidation of organization's network of women shea producers (PO) that supply the SFC company
R2. Development of shea production capacities of partner POs and reduction of environmental impacts of post-harvest and butter extraction processes
R3. Development and certification of production practices in organic shea farming


A1. Identification and diagnosis of partner organizations of women shea producers in Ivory Coast and Mali. The diagnostic work will focus on: the functioning and structuring of the cooperatives; the installed production practices and capacities; the existing and potential organic shea resources.
A2. Support and training of women shea producers' organizations to strengthen their structuring and functioning, particularly with regard to marketing management and the management of collective production equipment.
A3. Installation or improvement of 7 shea butter production centers to increase production capacity, improve working conditions for operators and reduce environmental impacts.
A4. Installation of 3 post-harvest processing centers for the production of shea kernels to improve the quality and traceability of the kernels, as well as to improve the working conditions of the operators and reduce the environmental impact.
A5. Training and support in the use of the installed production equipment, in the organization of work and in good production practices at the treatment and production centres.
A6. Support for certification and training in organic shea production.

The project is supported by the USAID-funded West Africa Trade & Investment Hub

Related people

Country representative in Côte d'Ivoire

Benjamin Garnier

Agricultural Engineer, specialised in "quality of the environment and resources management", from the French National School of Agricultural Science and Engineering of Toulouse (INP ENSAT). He brings his expertise in feasibility studies for investment funds, agricultural markets studies and analysis of value chains

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Project officer / Agriculture & Market / Burkina-Faso

Caroline Bassono

She graduated from the agronomy school of Rennes, Agrocampus Ouest, specialized in Plant Science and Productions - Agrosystems Engineering. She brings her expertise in the development of sustainable farming systems, the support of producers in improving their practices, the creation of training materials on production and post-harvest techniques (sesame) and agroecology

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Task officer / Bioenergy & Waste / Burkina-Faso

Arlette Kouassiale Akakpo

Engineer in Water Engineering, Sanitation and Hydro-Agricultural Developments from the International Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering (2iE), she brings her expertise in the treatment and recovery agro-industrial waste as well as the assessment of environmental impacts. She joined Nitidæ as an intern in January 2021 on the Agrovalor project, then hired as an Energy task officer

Project Officer / France

François Griffon

Holder of a Master's degree in "Sustainable Farming and Agri-food Systems in the South", specialised in "Markets, Organization, Quality and Services" from Montpellier SupAgro - Institut des Régions Chaudes (IRC), he brings his expertise in sector and value chain analysis, market studies, quality management and farmers' organisations services and support

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Project Manager / Agriculture & Market / France

Julien Gonnet

Holder of a Professional Master II in Sustainable Development from the University of Geneva and a Master I in Geography from the University of Jean Moulin, he brings his expertise in project and studies building and management on agricultural markets, the use of ICT within the agriculture sector, the implementation of certification (organic, fair...) and engineering training

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Head of Agrovalor Project / Bioenergy & Waste / Côte d'Ivoire

Mekeu Jules Dorgeles Gomeu

Holder of an engineering degree in management of mining, oil and energy activities, Dorgeles joined the Nitidæ team in 2016 and became Head of the Agrovalor project in January 2018. He brings his expertise in coordination, the implementation and monitoring of the activities of this project.

Energy project manager / Bioenergy & Waste / Côte d'Ivoire

Abel Dègnimon Sogbegnon

He holds a Masters in Energy and Electrical Engineering (2IE, Ouagadougou) and a Masters in Science Physic (UAC, Benin). He has expertise in drying technologies, gasification/pyrolysis, energy recovery from waste (biomass), food processing and industrial electrical installations in the cashew, mango, rice and vegetable oils sectors (cotton, shea nut, soy) in West Africa. He works in close partnership with local manufacturing shops and entrepreneurs in a skills transfer approach

Local technician/ Bioenergy & Waste / Côte d'Ivoire

Bakary Tanko Soro

He holds a boiler technician diploma. He worked at Sitab as well as Agefop. In June 2019, he joined the Agrovalor Project as an intern. In February 2020, he was hired as a Local Technician on the Agrovalor Bouaké project

Technical manager for PO's certification and support / Agriculture & Market / Côte d'Ivoire

Jean Stanislas Niamien Kouadio

Holder of an engineering degree in agronomic techniques, agroforestry option and specialist in organic certifications, he joined the Côte d'Ivoire team in May 2022 as technical manager for certifications and support to the shea farmers' organizations of the "Shea Gets Greener" project. He is based in Korhogo.

Project officer / Burkina-Faso

Ida Drabo

Graduated as Design Engineer in Agricultural Extension at the University Nazi Boni Bobo Dioulasso-Burkina Faso, she brings her expertise in supporting producers in the adoption of innovative technologies. In particular the support and the accompaniment of the actors of the sector in the marketing of shea on the national and international level

Shea intern in the Shea Gets Greener project / Côte d'Ivoire

Salimata Traoré

A graduate in computer secretariat at the Institut Ivoire Prestige Formation in Bouaké, she had the opportunity to work in the Tchéregnimin cooperative, a cooperative specializing in the production of shea butter in Korhogo. In contact with women, she acquired a very good experience in the collection of shea kernels and their transformation into butter

Field animator / Agriculture & Market / Côte d'Ivoire

Nanga Soro

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Agropastoral Management obtained at the Higher Institute of Agropastoral Management of the University Peleforo Gon Coulibaly of Korhogo. He joined the team as a facilitator on the shea sector

Facilitator-trainer / Agriculture & Market / Côte d'Ivoire

N’guessan Yannick Kouakou

Holder of a Master's degree in Management of agropastoral companies and organizations and a Bachelor's degree in economics and agropastoral management at the Institute of Agropast…

Facilitator and trainer / Agriculture & Market / Côte d'Ivoire

Piériguédinnin Coulibaly

She is graduated with a Master's degree in Management of Agropastoral Companies and Organizations as well as a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Agropastoral Management from the Institute and Agropastoral Management of Korhogo (University of Korhogo), she joined the team as a facilitator and trainer on the Shea Gets Greener project

Energy and process technician / Bioenergy & Waste / Côte d'Ivoire

Lynda Mavy Bayala

Engineer in Water, Sanitation and Hydro-agricultural Developments, she brings her expertise for the evaluation of socio-environmental impacts within the framework of the SHEA GETS GREENER project. Her position also consists of carrying out household performance measurements, designing and monitoring waste recovery equipment as well as developing logistical and operational waste management strategies

Animator / Agriculture & Market / Côte d'Ivoire

Naminata Felemou

She graduated from the Free University of Guinea with a degree in Business Law. She worked at AAK/Côte d'Ivoire for 18 months as Field Animator on the Kolo Nafaso project. Within Nitidæ, she works as a facilitator/trainer on the Shea Gets Greener project

Energy and process task officer / Bioenergy & Waste / Côte d'Ivoire

Inès Adélaïde Nanema

Engineer in Electrical and Energy Engineering, renewable energy option at the International Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering (2iE), she is passionate about bio-energies and subjects related to sustainable development, climate and to carbon credits. She therefore decided to join the energy team in order to contribute to the development of bio-energies in Africa and to provide her expertise in project impact studies and in the energy recovery of biomass