News - Apr 14, 2021

260 vanilla producers in the south of Madagascar (Anosy region) are committed to supplying the Sahanala social comany

After more than a year of partnership in the vanilla sector, a new economic operator is involved in the region of our Talaky project in southern Madagascar

Our role as an interface between producers & market

The Talaky project led by Nitidæ works in the heart of the Beampingaratsy forests. The challenge is to reconcile preservation of natural capital, fight against food insecurity and economic development. Very far from the city, which concentrates most of the economic activity, the rural communes we work with face real development difficulties.

Quality, new market opportunities, sustainability

Last year's first "test" campaign, for 1.5 tons of green vanilla, was very convincing in terms of quality (see the size of the pods in the photo below!), with 80% of "long pods" (more than 11 cm) and an average vanillin content of 2.2! The increase in demand for the agricultural product at the local level will also be an economic lever for this future production basin. Indeed, Sahanala, known for being one of the main exporters of vanilla in organic agriculture and fair trade, also intends to open up to other productions in the region such as pink berries, another opportunity to improve the resilience of producers.

More value added on the territory: local processing

The social company Sahanala, sharing our values, has chosen to build its processing plant outside the usual marketing areas, which will delight the producers of these rural communes. Construction is scheduled for mid-2021 in Manantenina. In the meantime, the preparation of vanilla for this campaign, which will begin in June, will be carried out as last year, on the site of Ampasimena, in the office of the management unit of the Protected Area and as close as possible to the producers.

Some up-to-date figures

  • 260 vanilla producers
  • Estimated production of 1.5 tons of green vanilla (for the northern zone)
  • A majority of young plots are still not productive
  • Promising sectors: mainly vanilla, spices and nuts, corn
  • Organic and conventional products
  • Producers are shareholders in the Sahanala company
  • Sahanala's regional objective: 56 tons of green vanilla / 650 producers / 5 years

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