Agrovalor at the service of women producers of attiéké in Bouaké (and elsewhere!)

Improved cookstoves from Agrovalor have a lot of success with women producers of attiéké in Bouaké. A workshop was recently organized specifically for them, with figures and testimonials in support.

Since its launch, Agrovalor has enabled, among other things, the installation of the first 5 improved cookstoves with double stack and chimneys to the advantage of the associations of women producers turning cassava into attiéké in Bouaké.

Following very positive feedback from first users, Nitidæ organized a workshop dedicated to the attiéké sector in the city of Bouaké, especially for the 20 new groups who have shown interest in these very affordable cookstoves ( only 200,000 FCFA! ).

About fifty women were present and some of them were able to testify of the efficiency of the improved cookstoves, in terms of speed of cooking (2 times faster!), savings in wood of heating (2/3 of wood savings!) or the strong reduction of exposure to fumes**.

The workshop was also an opportunity to present the other equipment promoted by the project (biodigesters dedicated to the valorization of cassava juice) and to specify that the diffusion of these improved cookstoves went beyond Bouaké already since the trained craftsmen by the project have already intervened until Adzopé (instalation photo below).

Nitidæ was able to count on the participation and support of MINADER, represented by its Regional Director and ANADER, represented by the EPA ANADER de Bouaké.

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