Cocoa: a destructive culture? We were invited on the TV show "Un monde en docs" of Public Sénat

While the forest has been widely consumed, what new cycle can be put in place so that cocoa farmers can still live of cocoa and continue producing it from a technical, social and economic point of view?

60% of the chocolate we eat comes from Ivory Coast. A country where cocoa production is synonymous with low or no paid cocoa farmers, child labor and deforestation. Fair trade is an alternative, but only a small percentage of world cocoa production. Are these drifts inevitable?

Broadcasted on Saturday, September 21

PRESENTED BY @Jérôme Chapuis

INVITED Cédric Rabany Co-director of Nitidae, association for the development of agri-food sectors
François Ruf Economist at CIRAD, cocoa specialist
Julia Christian Forest Policy Advisor for the NGO Fern
Christophe Bertrand Artisan chocolatier, member of the confederation of chocolatiers and confectioners

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