News - Jun 3, 2022

Presentation at World Environment Day in Burkina of a video report on the participatory management of the PONASI protected area network

This year, World Environment Day has adopted the slogan 'One Earth' and the focus is on 'Living sustainably in harmony with nature'
@Photos credits: Gail Malbete

June 3rd, World Environment Day

World Environment Day (WED) is an annual observance initiated by the United Nations in 1974, and celebrated on June 5 each year to promote environmental protection and raise awareness of environmental issues.

The NGO Permanent Secretariat in Burkina-Faso through its thematic group AESAN (Agriculture, environment, food and nutrition security), is organizing a commemorative day to contribute to the celebration of WED in Burkina Faso.

Presentation of the WAKANDA project through a magnificent video

Develop the sustainable rural economy and revitalize participatory local governance while ensuring excellent relations with the authorities. This is the objective of the Wakanda project supported by the European Union in Burkina Faso. #Agriculture #protected areas #Agroecology #Agroforestry #Climate #Forest #Market #REDD+ #PFNL #shea #wood-energy

Support for village organizations, development of social and income-generating activities combining better cohesion, preservation of the environment and increased resilience to climate change

The project aims for rural development to improve the living conditions of the populations and strengthen the resilience of the territory. This requires support for village organizations and the development of social and income-generating activities in the PONASI landscape allowing better cohesion, preservation of the environment and increased resilience to climate change.

We are starting to receive decorations from communities that recognize our actions in the field

The people targeted by this support:

  • 1200 farmers/agro-pastoralists, 400 market gardening women, 1000 women producers of shea butter (including 6 shea treatment centers), 500 foresters technicians and constituting the main drivers of the local economy. But also,
  • 60 committees (drilling, natural resources, village development, etc.), 20 groups for the advancement of women, 20 managers of popular entertainment centers, 10 community health support volunteers and 44 elected officials
How to promote the place of women citizens in the "country of honest women"? => our Fantastic Four!

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