Benjamin Garnier



Agricultural Engineer, specialised in "quality of the environment and resources management", from the French National School of Agricultural Science and Engineering of Toulouse (INP ENSAT). He brings his expertise in feasibility studies for investment funds, agricultural markets studies and analysis of value chains.

He has several experiences in Benin and Togo and is currently based in Cote d'Ivoire. He conducted several feasibility studies for investment funds wishing to invest in sustainable projects in different sectors in Africa and Latin America. His expertise covers both technical analysis of production and processing systems, study of agricultural markets, analysis of value chains and analysis of the social and environmental impacts of projects.

Country representative in Côte d'Ivoire
Years of experience
4 years
Key qualifications
  • Expert in analysis of agricultural and forestry projects

    • Assembly and coordination of projects.
    • Feasibility studies for investment funds.
    • Technical analysis of production and processing systems.
    • Study of agricultural markets.
    • Analysis of value chains and analysis of the social and environmental impacts of projects.
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