Julien Gonnet



Holder of a Professional Master II in Sustainable Development from the University of Geneva and a Master I in Geography from the University of Jean Moulin, he brings his expertise in project building and project management on agricultural markets, the use of ICT within the agriculture sector, the implementation of certification (organic, fair...) and engineering training.

He developped adapted tools to improve the flow of internal and external information (m-agri, mobile solution, GIS, ICT4Ag...). His expertise in the ICT sector have been applied in the MIS (Market Information Service) development in Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad and Senegal. Specifically, in Chad since he has worked there on a regular basis since 2004 for FAO, UE (Lac, Guéra, Logone, Mandoul...) and Cote d'Ivoire since 2009. Also, as a geographer, he has a multidisciplinary interpretation of spaces and complex societies at different scales of reflections.

Project Manager / Agriculture & Market / France
Years of experience
20 years
Key qualifications
  • Project and studies management

    Professional experience since September 2009 at Nitidæ as project coordinator

    Project manager for the improvement of the living conditions of producers of agricultural and NTFP sectors through several initiatives. Designing, coordination, monitoring projects, establishment of partnerships, recruitment, planning, management of activities, budget management, design of training, strengthening of OPAs, certifications, monitoring and evaluation of results, monitoring of indicators, impact studies.

  • Skills domains

    Agriculture & Market
    ICT for agriculture
    Organic and fair trade certification

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